SHOCKING: Biden Offended Global Allies

Many experts at the Reagan National Defense forum warned America’s status of “partner of choice” has significantly been waned all over the world, since the chaotic withdrawal of Afghanistan.

Meanwhile, Lloyd Austin, the US Defense Secretary, advised the government to seek global help in order to counter the rising Chinese threat.

America left global allies unattended while leaving Afghanistan

Joni Ernst, a Republican senator from Iowa, joined many other top experts in the forum in California. She asserted the haphazard withdrawal of the US from Afghanistan jeopardized American interests.

International political experts believe this behavior of the United States could hamper long-term efforts in maintaining good relations with different countries worldwide.

Since the completion of the chaotic withdrawal, the Biden administration has consistently come under criticism not only in the USA, but also from different governments worldwide. The hasty withdrawal is believed to be one of the prominent reasons for Biden’s declining popularity in the second half of 2021.

Ernst also reminded the administration that many US allies portrayed dissatisfaction with America’s behavior in Afghanistan, noting countries are not seeing any potential leadership in the current administration.

Likewise, she noted the US could no longer just promise to be the partner of choice; instead, we have to show this with our behavior.

Biden administration failed to inform Americans about the US purpose in Afghanistan

Karl Rove, the deputy chief of staff to former President George W. Bush, also lambasted the administration for pursuing erroneous foreign policy choices.

Speaking to the same panel, he said subsequent administrations failed to inform Americans about the US mission in Afghanistan. He further asserted almost one in every five Americans was not sure whether or not the United States should leave Afghanistan.

Rove said many Americans believe their political leaders because of prejudiced notions.

Speaking about the inability of the administration to inform Americans about the war’s purpose, he noted had Americans known about the US’ purpose in Afghanistan, their opinions about the war would have been different.

Ernst, a former lieutenant colonel, said while it is good to put America first, it is never wise to keep America alone. She added America needs to engage globally, adding the public reaction would be different if countries know why the US is involved in different regions of the world.

Despite the fact Joe Biden claimed America is back, the US is failing to engage with its global allies. This also encouraged the administration in perpetrating human rights violations overseas, including stopping international aid to Afghanistan, which puts more than 50% of Afghans on the brink of hunger.

Reportedly, one million children are likely to die in Afghanistan in the next year, due to the developing hunger crisis that was aggravated when international aid stopped.