Senate Confirms: Biden’s Attorney Threatened Media

With Kamala Harris casting a tie-breaker vote, the US Senate has successfully confirmed Rachael Rollins as Biden’s attorney of Massachusetts.

Meanwhile, a video surfaced in which she threatened a journalist with dire consequences when she tried to interview her outside her work schedule.

Rollins threatened a reporter who asked for her interview

Recently, a reporter asked Rollins outside her house if she was available to give some quick answers. Apparently upset, Rollins asked the reporter how she came across her address.

To this end, the reporter asserted it is a matter of public record. The attorney scolded the reporter, asking why she wanted to show her “f—ing house” on camera.

The reporter noted politely she just wanted to ask some quick questions. Nowhere in the whole video was the house of Rollins shown.

Rollins continued criticizing the reporter, adding she should speak to her at her job. Likewise, she noted if she faces any harm or her kids get killed due to the house footage, the reporter is to be blamed.

Asking the reporter, “who do you think you are,” Rollins threatened her to leave the vicinity.

Rollins, who herself is an American of color, passed racial comments on reporters, warning that she would “make the allegations” by calling the police about the reporter’s behavior.

The “dead serious” Rollins emphasized the reporter must go away from the “private property” or she would find her name.

Democrats praised, Republicans scolded

Right after Biden announced Rollins’ nomination, several Democrats praised her candidacy, including Senator Elizabeth Warren and Congresswoman Ayanna Pressley.

Warren tweeted that Rollins knew how to eradicate the genesis of the injustice, adding that she is a big name in transforming the criminal justice system of the country.

Calling Rollins her “sister” and Biden’s “excellent choice,” Ayanna Pressley, a Squad member, said she has a history of prioritizing racial justice and ending discrimination in the United States.

However, Republicans were assertive in rejecting her candidacy, as all of them voted against her.

Tom Cotton, a Republican senator, said in July Democrats tried defunding the police and did not prosecute violent crime, while demanding the early release of these criminals.

He added that Rollins would not prosecute these sorts of crimes, so he would not vote for her confirmation.

Cotton was responding to a policy memo, in which Rollins asserted she would stop prosecuting almost one dozen crimes, including mental health issues.

Even on her campaign website, she specifically indicated she would not prosecute some crimes, including trespassing, disorderly conduct, and drug possession.

While the Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell called her “soft on crime advocacy,” Ted Cruz, a GOP senator from Texas labeled her a “lawless so-called prosecutor.”

Meanwhile, with this confirmation, Kamala Harris surpassed Mike Pence in casting tie-breaker votes.

During his whole tenure of four years, Mike Pence cast his vote in the Senate 14 times, but Kamala Harris has broken this record within eleven months of her vice presidency.