Second CNN Producer in Police Investigations for Sexual Crimes

A second producer of CNN is facing a criminal inquiry in a case involving “potential juvenile victims.” Earlier, another producer of the media network was fired for sexually assaulting minor girls.

Two CNN producers under police inquiry for sexual crimes against minors

The police department of the Fairfax County of Virginia told Fox News a detective of the child exploitation squad is overseeing the investigation, as juvenile victims suffered in the case.

While the police vowed to be transparent in their findings, they also claimed the department would try its best to respect the privacy of the victims, which is of paramount importance to the police.

A CNN spokesman noted the person left the media outlet earlier in December. This is the second time a CNN producer is being probed, as John Griffin, another former CNN producer, is facing federal sex crime charges.

Rick Saleeby, the troubled CNN producer, first made headlines when the right-wing guerilla journalism entity Project Veritas reported about him.

While the police refused to disclose the details of the matter, they suggested they seized “numerous items” from Saleeby’s home.

Although Saleeby resigned from the liberal media network, Griffin was fired once he was arrested for perpetrating sexual crimes against minors.

Griffin wanted to “train” minor girls for illicit activities

A grand jury of Vermont charged Griffin on three counts, including enticing a minor. After getting arrested, Griffin indicated he was ashamed of himself.

Reportedly, Griffin utilized messaging platforms like Kik and Google Hangouts to communicate with people who pretended to be parents of minor daughters.

Griffin claimed during his message that women should be kept subservient to men. He even asserted the age of a woman does not matter in his bid to entice minors.

A Vermont prosecutor indicated Griffin tried to persuade parents to let him train their daughters to be sexually submissive to men. In June 2020, Griffin told a mother of nine and 13-year old daughters that training their daughters “properly” is a responsibility of a mother.

Later on, Griffin transferred more than $3,000 to the mother so she could fly to Boston. Once she got there with her 9-year old daughter, Griffin picked them in his Tesla and took them to a house, where the minor girl was forced into sexual activity.

The Vermont prosecutor indicated Griffin tried to entice two other children as well; he asked a mother and her 14-year old daughter to participate in a “virtual training season,” so he could teach them how to touch each other.

In addition to that, Griffin also invited another mother to his Boston house, alongside her 16-year-old daughter for sexual activities.

A spokesperson of CNN claimed the organization had no knowledge of the whole matter before Griffin’s arrest. Griffin worked as a senior producer for CNN’s morning program, “New Day.”