Schools in New York Get Green Light to Reopen

"New York : school bus" (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0) by CpaKmoi

As fall approaches, Americans continue to debate the pros and cons of reopening schools across the nation.

People who wish to reopen schools warn that ongoing closures will hurt the growth and development of children. Some studies have even suggested that in-person learning is more effective for young people than online education.


On the flip side, individuals opposed to reopening schools claim that the risk of transmitting coronavirus is too great. As this debate continues, states are making their own decisions; now, developments from Fox News confirm that New York schools will reopen this fall.

A Closer Look at the Reopening of New York Schools

Yesterday, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo professed that schools throughout the state are “authorized to open” this fall.

In a Twitter post, Cuomo also stated that since New York regions are below the coronavirus infection boundary, New York schools can resume operations; however, schools that do decide to reopen are required to create “plans” and share them with the state for approval.

The New York governor also stated that face masks are mandatory in schools when physical distancing is not possible. Additionally, New York schools must share their plans for reopening, testing, and contact tracing on the internet.

Before August 21, schools throughout the state must also have “discussion sessions” with children’s parents and members of the community.

Will Other Schools Follow Suit?

Different schools in various communities are adopting various approaches to reopening. Many Democrats are arguing in favor of keeping schools shut down, stating that online learning can become part of the “new normal” for young people, in spite of the risks.

Many schools that are deciding to reopen, like New York, are also requiring face masks. This, too, has raised questions about the realism and even potential health risks about having young schoolchildren in face masks for hours upon hours, five days per week.

In many parts of the nation, schools in various cities and states are still deciding whether or not to reopen. In recent weeks, left-leaning teachers’ unions have become more vocal about their opposition against reopening, stating that they don’t feel comfortable with in-person teaching.

What do you think about New York schools getting the green light to reopen this fall? Do you think other schools across the nation should follow suit? Let us know what you think about the return of learning in classrooms in the comments section below!