Sanders Goes After Trump: His “Inaction” Cost Many American Lives!

The battle against coronavirus continues, as do partisan attacks against President Trump. To date, the president remains in work with healthcare officials, the coronavirus task force, and others in order to fight COVID-19.

While Trump works on the frontlines, Democrats seeking to get elected are making moves of their own. These moves entail going after the president and stating that his measures and actions simply aren’t good enough.


America has seen this with Joe Biden and now we’re witnessing more of the same from Bernie Sanders. During an online sit-down with The View, the Vermont socialist opined that President Trump’s so-called “inaction” caused many American lives to succumb to coronavirus.

Sanders on Trump and COVID-19

During Sanders’ conversation with The View, co-host Sunny Hostin claimed that Trump ignored warnings from intelligence officials regarding a “possible pandemic” back in January and February of this year. In so doing, Hostin also asked Sanders if he believed Trump simply thought coronavirus would “go away” and why healthcare professionals lack adequate amounts of personal protective equipment.

Of course, Sanders happily and knowingly took the bait. The socialist candidate immediately monologued off, citing Trump as “the most dangerous president in American history.”

Before claiming that “inaction” on the president’s end cost American lives, Sanders also alleged that Trump failed to take imperative measures. The measures listed by the Vermont senator included informing Americans about social distancing and “rallying” scientists along with the people of this country.

A Litany of Lies

Sanders’ lies about the president and his work against coronavirus are only the tip of the iceberg. The longshot 2020 candidate also used his time on The View to push his socialist agenda of Medicare-for-All.


Most ironically, Sanders then professed that Americans need to “come together,” although, he then asserted that this can only happen by ensuring socialist healthcare for everyone. The one silver lining, however, is that Sanders and his hunger for socialism won’t make it anywhere near the White House, let alone to the Democrat nomination.

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