Russian Navy Conducted MASSIVE Drills in the Pacific

"The Russian Navy Udaloy-class destroyer RFS Admiral Panteleyev arrives at Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam to participate in the Rim of the Pacific exercise 2012." ( United States government work) by Official U.S. Navy Page

On Sunday, the Russian Navy’s military exercises 300 to 500 miles from Hawaii prompted the United States to scramble three F-22s to respond. 

On Wednesday, a report said the move of the Russian Navy is the largest military exercise in the Pacific since the Cold War.

The exercise is timely; it comes days before Biden and Russian President Vladimir Putin are scheduled to meet at the highly anticipated summit in Geneva.

Although the military exercise of the Russian fleet prompted the U.S. Navy to scramble, the U.S. defense officials stated the Russian Navy bombers didn’t enter the Air Defense Identification Zone. 

According to the Russian Defense Ministry, the military drills include submarines, support vessels, and up to 20 surface combatants.

Russian ships conducting “tactical maneuvers”

On the other hand, the Russian News agency TASS reported that the Russian ships are running “tactical maneuvers” in the waters. According to the report, the ships came from Primorye Flotilla of All-Arms Forces.

Reports also showed that the Russian Navy has been conducting military exercises since June 10. Included among the fleet were an anti-submarine ship “Admiral Panteleev” and the missile cruiser “Varyag.” The report also added that TU-142MZ bombers are participating in the military drill. 

A spokesman for the Oahu-based command, Navy Captain Mike Kafka, said in an email that the U.S. Indio-Pacific Command is monitoring the operations of the Russian vessel in international waters of the Western Pacific. 

“USS James E. Williams and a Russian navy ship participate in maneuvering exercises for FRUKUS 2011” ( United States government work) by Official U.S. Navy Page.

Kafka added that they closely track all vessels that enter the Indio-Pacific area of operations through surface ships, maritime patrol aircraft, and other joint capabilities, as part of their regular daily operations. 

Kafka also added that they perform in accordance with the international law of the sea and the air. This ensures that all nations will do the same without fear or contest and secure the “free and open” Indio-Pacific. Kafka added that as Russia operates within the region, they are expected to follow international law.

On Monday, officials did not disclose why three F-22 missiles armed Air National Guard fighters scrambled for an “irregular air patrol.” The Pacific Air Forces only mentioned that they launched three F-22.

Russian surveillance ship loitering in the international waters

Meanwhile, the defense test of a U.S. missile was delated last month. The reason cited was a presence of a Russian surveillance ship. 

An official said that a Russian spy ship had been “loitering” in the international waters for several days. This caused delays in the missile tests. 

In a statement released by U.S. Pacific Fleet at Pearl Harbor, they said they are aware of the presence of the Russian vessel in the international waters and will continue to monitor it throughout its stay in the waters. 

According to officials, the purpose of the missile test is to prove the U.S.’ capability of defense via ballistic missile; to see, follow, interact with and intercept medium-range ballistic missile targets.