“Rules Should Be Applied EQUALLY”: Trump Jr. Asks if Cuomo Publisher Will CANCEL His Book

"Donald Trump Jr." (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Gage Skidmore

Donald Trump Jr. questioned whether Gov. Andrew Cuomo would be facing the same kind of consequences that his father faced.

The eldest son of former President Trump called out the publisher of New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s books on leadership, as well as Coronavirus pandemic, asking the publishing company if they will cut ties with the Democratic governor as he swims into a pool of scandals. 

First, Cuomo faced backlash after an aide revealed how his administration hid the number of nursing homes’ death during the pandemic and continuing effort to withhold the real number of nursing home residents who died from the virus. This resulted in calls to have his emergency powers stripped removed, and an investigation is done to find out the real story.

Then, a few days later, his former aide came forward with allegations of sexual harassment. 

This prompted Donald Trump Jr. to post a comment on Twitter, “With everything that is coming to light, when will @CrownPublishing be canceling @andrewcuomo’s contract?” 

The former President’s son then alleged that only Republicans get canceled, referring to sen. Josh Hawley (R-Mo), whose book deal was canceled with Simon &Schuster after he objected to Biden’s electoral votes last January 6. 

Trump Jr. told the Daily Wire, “Cancel culture is awful, but all I’m saying is that the rules should be applied equally.” He continued, “Simon & Schuster canceled their contract with Josh Hawley, but Crown is going to stick by a credibly accused serial sexual harasser just because he’s a Democrat? What kind of message does that send? What are the rules? That’s all I’m asking.”

News outlets tried to reach out to Crown Publishing for comment. However, they did not provide any response. 

Cuomo had already been facing derision from critics for publishing his book on handling the pandemic while it was still going on and even after the fact that the state he’s handling suffered a high number of casualties. 

Thousands of those deaths were from nursing home residents. This then connects to the first scandal that Cuomo faced hiding the real number of deaths in nursing homes. 

Although the New York governor vehemently denied that the high number of casualties resulted from his directive requiring nursing home facilities to take in residents who had tested positive for COVID-19. 

After a member of his administration revealed that they had intentionally withheld the real number of nursing home deaths, Cuomo started facing criticism from his own party. The backlash against the governor only intensified after multiple women came forward and accused the governor of sexual harassment. 

Meanwhile, in the light of the latest allegation of sexual harassment against Cuomo, an Albany-area gun store owner rented a billboard slamming Gov. Cuomo for the thousands of deaths in nursing homes. 

The American Shooter Supply owner, Brian Olesen, told The Post he originally put up a sign “Impeach!” to scrutinize the governor for nearly 15,000 deaths in long-term facilities and nursing homes. However, the newest allegations against Cuomo were the last straw. 

On Monday morning, Olesen then changed the billboard from “Impeach!” to “Resign Now!” in massive red letters, with a photo of Cuomo’s face below. 

Olesen explained to The Post, “I think that a lot of New Yorkers understand there’s a sense of urgency here in regards to Governor Cuomo. We know he’s a liar, we know he’s a bully. Now he’s being accused of being a sexual predator.”