Ron DeSantis Has a Special Message for Dr. Fauci

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is clearly trying to warm up for a presidential run. Few doubt that he will win re-election as the chief executive of the Sunshine State, but his bigger ambitions are now the focus.

DeSantis could be seen early on trying to imitate various gestures and mannerisms of Trump and harness some of the rage this country has against the lies and perversions of the woke left.

At first, it came across as stilted and performative, but slowly and surely DeSantis is coming into his own. He is coming across as a formidable and entertaining speaker.

This was recently highlighted during a speech in which DeSantis decided to go after one of America’s least favorite doctors: COVID lockdown and vaccine mandate architect Dr. Anthony Fauci.

What Did DeSantis Say?

DeSantis was giving a speech to a crowd when he decided to weigh in on Fauci. The good doctor says he’s retiring this December and DeSantis decided to speak the truth about him.

As he said, he’s simply “sick” of even having to look at Fauci or know he exists. He urged somebody to manhandle the strange-looking “elf” and throw him “across” the Potomac River near Washington, DC.

The left has gone berserk, rushing to defend their favorite elf, who once claimed anyone who disagreed with him was disagreeing with “science” itself.

This arrogant elf deserves every bit of disrespect he gets after pushing hard to lock Americans in their homes and crushing us under endless regulations and psychological assaults that did absolutely nothing to stop the COVID virus.

Insult Hits Home

Like Trump, DeSantis chose to focus on people’s visceral, instinctive reaction to Fauci and his appearance.

This is smart because most people aren’t very into politics, but they can take a quick look at the doctor and see there’s something shifty, self-righteous, and creepy about him.

DeSantis made the point that Fauci wants to pretend everything he did was no big deal and that closing schools wouldn’t hurt kids and would somehow save lives.

It obviously didn’t save lives, but it did hurt kids, isolating them from their peers and leaving them lonely and behind in their learning and physical activity.

While DeSantis has been said to be trying very hard to be like Trump, he’s now doing better at it; a lot of people who aren’t sure about Trump may jump aboard the DeSantis train.

This is also an important attack because it shows how DeSantis plans to go after Trump.

Going After Trump

Who was president when Dr. Birx and Fauci pushed the country into lockdowns? Who has vigorously defended the vaccine? If you said Donald Trump, you’d be correct.

True, Trump has since come out against Fauci, but make no mistake: this is going to be DeSantis’ top angle to bring down Trump if and when the time comes.

This article appeared in FreshOffThePress and has been published here with permission.