Rittenhouse Supports BLM, Embraces Racial Diversity

Kyle Rittenhosue appeared on an exclusive Fox News interview on Monday, the first one after his acquittal. During the interview, Rittenhouse denounced the notion that he is a racist person, stating he in facts supports Black Lives Matter.

Rittenhouse supported BLM, but the movement distanced itself from him

Speaking to the host Tucker Carlson, Rittenhouse said the verdict of his case has nothing to do with race. Likewise, he noted he supports the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement, a claim that initiated a new round of controversies.

However, BLM was quick in its response of distancing itself from Rittenhouse, labeling him a terrorist and a white supremacist.

Rittenhouse acknowledged the prevailing state of misconduct in various cases in the United States, saying prosecutors can try to take undue advantage of the situation. Rittenhouse noted he was vomiting and dizzy without breath, at the time of the attack, which prompted him to act in self-defense.

Embracing the need for change, Rittenhouse asserted prosecutorial misconduct must end as soon as possible. Tucker Carlson has been critical about the proceedings of Rittenhouse’s case over the course of the trial. He busted the common myth that a person under 18 cannot carry a gun in Wisconsin. 

Carlson noted many people did not bother to check this claim, as state laws do allow a 17-year-old to carry a gun, which made Rittenhouse’s acquisition of a weapon legal.

Tucker Carlson Originals is also releasing a documentary in December, featuring exclusive access to Rittenhouse and his defense team.

Big tech censored pro-Rittenhouse narrative 

Carlson also censured big tech for censoring pro-Rittenhouse narratives on social media websites. YouTube, a company owned by Google, censored the video streaming of many legal experts who were commentating on the trial in real-time.

This happened right after the judge dismissed the gun charge against Rittenhouse.

Most of those experts criticized the weakness present in the prosecutorial methods of the case. Meanwhile, Kamala Harris condemned the decision of the jury, coming at cross purposes with Biden who said he respected the court’s decision.

Rittenhouse came under fierce criticism and was labeled as a “white supremacist” and “terrorist” by many Democrat leaders and liberal watchdogs. Meanwhile, legal experts suggest Rittenhouse can file a defamation lawsuit against people targeting him.

Guy Benson, a Fox News contributor, said while he could understand initial shocks of people right after the verdict, perpetuating continuous misinformation should not be encouraged. He further noted many people are getting the basic facts incorrect, which is ultimately leading them to the wrong conclusion of the case.


The left-wing media has been persistent in denouncing the court verdict and often crossed all limits in doing so. MSNBC, for instance, got banned from the courtroom when one of its journalists was seen following the jury’s bus.

Then, afterward, they published an article, claiming Rittenhouse’s verdict was orchestrated to protect white conservatives who kill.