Republicans Call Harris INEXPERIENCED to Handle the Border Crisis

Republicans are calling the Biden administration to oust Harris from her lead role, addressing the crisis at the U.S. – Mexico border. In addition, the conservative lawmakers are calling the vice president inexperienced for the job, as the surge of unaccompanied minors reached historic numbers.

Republicans called on Biden to REMOVE Harris from her border role as number of illegal immigrants encountered at the border reaches historic numbers

Republicans were calling Harris inexperienced to handle the border crisis as the vice president failed to successfully fulfill the assignment given to her by Biden last March. Moreover, the efforts made by Harris were futile as the number of illegal immigrants, particularly unaccompanied children, reached historic rates. 

Since Harris was tapped to lead and address the border crisis, criticism persisted for months not only from Republican lawmakers, but from other government officials as well. Then on Monday, former U.N. ambassador Nikki Haley posted a tweet, saying that Harris should be fired from her assignment.

Haley added that Harris failed to secure the U.S. borders. She also accused the vice president of emboldening cartels. Haley then stated that the country needs real leadership in addressing the ongoing crisis.

According to a report from the Associated Press, U.S. authorities are likely to encounter more unaccompanied children at the border and the number of encounters is expected to get way higher than ever. On top of this, families and illegal immigrants that crossed the borders also hit the second-highest level ever recorded.

Assistant Secretary David Shahoulian on border and immigration matters stated that border authorities picked up over 19,000 children. Then, last month, about 80,000 illegal immigrants were apprehended.

The number of illegal immigrants encountered at the border reached its peak, the highest in the past two decades

In total, U.S. authorities encountered around 210,000 illegal immigrants in July and 188,829 in June. These numbers are the highest in over two decades. Shahoulin also mentioned that the “epicenter” of the migrant surge is in the Rio Grande Valley.

He also added that Del Rio sectors and the Rio Grande Valley are the areas where the most encounters happen. The border crisis issue has been a consistently tense topic in the White House. While Democrats blame the Trump administration for the overwhelming surge, Republicans accuse Harris of incompetency and mismanagement.

Harris’s office did not make any comments with regard to these accusations. In June, however, Harris visited El Paso, almost 100 days after she was tapped to address the border crisis. Yet, according to the vice president, they are making “extreme progress” in addressing the overwhelming surge of migrants.

As the pressure against her persists and as the crisis worsens, Harris tried to defend herself by insisting that her role is not the border crisis itself, but to get to the “root causes” of the issue.