Republicans: Biden Has “Blood on His Hands”

The Biden administration is receiving an intense backlash from Republicans after the attack outside the Kabul international airport killed 13 U.S. service members. Republicans are criticizing the way the Biden administration handled the issue in Afghanistan; this comes after a suicide bomber killed at least thirteen U.S. military members and wounded dozens more. 

Republican representatives are asking Biden to fix the mess he created

GOP Representative Dan Crenshaw posted a tweet, asking Biden to “fix” the mess that he created and to stop running from it. Crenshaw also added that the U.S. is still at war and that Biden did not end the war.

Instead, Biden just gave the enemies a “new advantage.” The Republican lawmaker then demanded for Biden to go on “offense” and prove superiority. Crenshaw then asked the administration to not leave Afghanistan until all American citizens and Afghan allies are safe. 

The bloody bombing that happened on Thursday likewise prompted others to join the Republican representatives in slamming the Biden administration’s decision to withdraw U.S. troops. Meanwhile, others are sending their prayers to other U.S. service members who remain on the ground. 

On the other hand, Republican Representative Scott Franklin, who was a former Naval aviator, mentioned in an interview on Thursday that the attack was not a surprise. Franklin stated that although it was hard to see what happened, he was not surprised by the attack.

He likewise added that ISIS-K, the Taliban, and other terrorist groups are all “interrelated” and “intertwined.” They serve one another and what they did was not surprising to him. 

The U.S. is placing itself at the mercy of the terrorist groups

The GOP lawmaker continued, stating that he is not sure what the U.S. could do to help other Americans get out, amid all the chaos in Afghanistan; this is particularly true if suicide bombings will be a recurring event. He then called the condition in the war-torn region a “damn mess.”

Franklin also emphasized how the U.S. is putting itself at the mercy of the terrorist group we have been fighting against for two decades. At a point when the U.S. had control, the Biden administration surrendered the upper hand they had against the terrorists. 

Republican Representative Michael McCaul also noted how Biden has “blood on his hands.”

This week, critics were likewise condemning Biden for not attempting to extend the August 31 deadline to withdraw Americans and U.S. troops left in Afghanistan. During a press conference on Tuesday, days before the bloody attack, McCaul claimed there is no way the U.S. can get all of the American citizens and Afghan comrades out of Afghanistan on time. 

McCaul also added that he has been calling the situation an absolute failure of “epic proportions.” This will be a stain on Biden’s presidency. The Republican lawmaker then emphasized that Biden will have blood on his hands and people are going to die.