Republican-Run Arizona Closes Border Wall Gap in Days

(Arizona Governor Doug Ducey on Twitter)

Arizona has taken just several days to erect a makeshift barrier in order to close a long-standing gap in the southern border wall, Governor Doug Ducey announced.

Biden’s ‘No Border’ Policy

The construction of Trump’s wall on the US-Mexico border was halted by Joe Biden on the latter’s first day in office. What followed has been a de facto erasure of the southern border, which allows any illegal immigrant to literally waltz in and settle anywhere.

Earlier this month, Biden’s woke Department of Homeland Security announced it was going to use funds to complete some sections of the border wall.

The DHS, however, was quick to declare it was going to do that not to protect the good people of the United States, but to provide better safety for illegal immigrants themselves.

DHS intended to finish three sections of the border wall in the Yuma sector of Arizona. However, as the construction didn’t start right away, Governor Doug Ducey ordered state authorities to erect a makeshift wall in order to close the gap.

He argued the people of Arizona had grown tired of waiting for the Biden administration to do its job and accused it of “dereliction of duty.”

(Arizona Governor Doug Ducey on Twitter)

More than 50 Gaps Remain in Arizona Alone

At the end of last week, Ducey announced Arizona is moving ahead and building with makeshift materials to complete the border wall in the Yuma sector. This week, he posted on Twitter photos of the completed barrier.

The 1,000-feet-long gap in the border wall has now been plugged by the state of Arizona with giant shipping containers and razor wire on top.

The Arizona authorities thus managed to complete the project just over the weekend, at the cost of only $6 million. This is part of a more than $300 million package for border fencing and security approved by the state legislature.

The newly built parts of the border wall consist of two rows of shipping containers stacked one on top of the other, with four feet of razor wire on top, for a combined total height of 22 feet.

In his Twitter post, Ducey showed before and after shots. The former showed an empty ground with construction vehicles, while the latter showed the completed border barrier.

The Arizona governor declared the “thousand-foot gap” in the Yuma sector of the southern border has now been “closed.”

Local news site KAWC reported the state of Arizona is now going to plug another gap in the border wall on state territory, that being near the Morelos Dam.

Yuma Mayor Doug Nicholls was quoted as saying the closed-off border wall gap “is definitely helpful.”

However, he emphasized Arizona alone has more than 50 gaps in the unfished wall on the southern border.

This article appeared in MorningPress and has been published here with permission.