Red States Expand Unemployment Benefits for Unvaccinated Americans

Five Republican states are currently offering unemployment benefits to those who have lost their jobs, due to Biden’s imposed COVID vaccine mandate.

Usually, people who defy companies’ policies are barred from receiving unemployment benefits; however, Florida, Tennessee, Arkansas, Kansas, and Iowa are helping those who are jobless for not getting vaccines.

Americans want freedom over “Faucism”

Ty Masterson, the Kansas Senate President of the Republican Party, widely criticized the vaccine mandate, calling it unfair and ineffective. He once tweeted Kansans prefer freedom over “Faucism,” a term used to criticize Dr. Fauci’s attempt to publicize the vaccine mandate.

Masterson also busted claims that giving unemployment benefits to the unvaccinated will strain states’ resources, stating companies can easily avoid it by respecting the individual rights of people.

Unemployment benefits for the unvaccinated are among other measures many states are currently pursuing to undermine Biden’s vaccine mandate.

The US Supreme Court will start hearing arguments against two of Biden’s vaccine mandates, including one for private companies and the other for healthcare workers on January 7.

While it is not evident how many companies are forcing their employees to get vaccinated in Kansas, a survey from October claimed over one-quarter of the respondents said their employees implemented a vaccine mandate.

Similarly, data from the American Hospital Association indicated almost 2,640 of 6,000 American hospitals are implementing some form of vaccine compulsion, which is causing the shortage of healthcare workers.

While every state has different standards to grant unemployment benefits, usually, they are given to those who got fired or left their jobs for issues beyond their control.

Despite the fact Kansas has a Democrat governor, she had to compromise with a conservative legislature in giving employees an exemption from vaccine mandates on medical and religious grounds.

More states trying to expand unemployment benefits for the unvaccinated

Seeing the popularity of the measure, other states are also trying to adopt it.

For instance, Wisconsin Republicans pledged to pass laws to give benefits to unvaccinated people; however, the Democrat governor of the state threatened to veto any such measure.

An employment policy expert, Will Raderman, who also worked as a field organizer of Bernie Sanders, noted legislatures and the federal government should expand unemployment benefits for people beyond the unvaccinated.

He indicated children and families of unvaccinated people should not suffer just because the sole breadwinner of the family refuses to take the vaccine.

Likewise, Raderman asserted that snatching financial stability from people because of their refusal to take vaccines should not be promoted at all.


Critics believe Republican-led states are incentivizing people who are ordered to take vaccines under Biden’s mandate for private companies to skip their vaccines.

Similarly, they noted over two dozen red states tried to restrict unemployment benefits earlier this year, claiming it would contribute to the labor shortages.