Putin’s Russia Preps to Mobilize 17 Million Men Over Ukraine War

(Social media video snapshot shows destroyed Russian tanks in a river in Eastern Ukraine.)

Russia’s bloodthirsty tyrant Vladimir Putin seems to be preparing for the escalating and very risky step he has been unwilling to take so far even amid losing the war against Ukraine.

17 Million Russians Armed with AK-47s May Swarm Ukraine

Putin invaded Ukraine in what was supposed to be a three-day special operation to restore the former Communist Soviet Union. Instead, the criminal Moscow dictator ended up fighting the biggest war in Europe since the Second World War.

The ferocious resistance of a 45-million-strong Ukraine, combined with the intensifying supplies of top-notch American-made and other western weapons, cost the Russians dearly in terms of manpower and equipment losses.

A recent estimate put the total number of Russian casualties – dead, wounded, missing, and captured – at 155,000.

Russia’s population of more than 140 million means it has up to 17 million eligible for drafting if the Moscow dictatorship declares full mobilization.

Ukraine’s population of more than 40 million means it can mobilize up to five million men. Ukraine has not declared full mobilization, but banned men aged 18 to 60 from leaving the country.

It has so many volunteers to fight against Russian invaders that it saw itself forced to turn down many of them.

(Social media photo shows Ukrainian troops posing with a captured Russian self-propelled howitzer in Eastern Ukraine.)

Putin Seems Set to Escalate War in Two Major Ways

Putin’s regime in Russia has struggled to replenish its losses after some of its best troops got destroyed in the slaughterhouse that the invasion of Ukraine has become for the aggressors.

Russia has been recruiting tens of thousands of murderers and rapists from Russian prisons, and even mental health patients, to use as cannon fodder against the Ukrainians.

Putin has been unwilling to declare full mobilization for two main reasons. First, that would mean admitting defeat in the war, so far.

Second, putting millions of men under arms may cause a revolution that could topple the regime. While the vast majority of the Russian population has been in favor of the war, that may change quickly if the bulk of the Russians were to feel it firsthand.

A legislative change in Moscow, however, now indicates the Putin dictatorship may decide to go for a full mobilization, which would in turn signify a gigantic escalation of the war.

Of the four partially occupied Ukrainian regions in question – Donetsk, Luhansk, Zaporizhzhia, and Kherson – the former two got recognized by Moscow as independent nations three days before the all-out invasion was launched.

It is highly likely that much, if not most or even all, of those occupied areas may be overrun by Ukrainians before any kind of sham votes are held. The recent Ukrainian counteroffensive, which liberated 3,000 square miles of territory in two days, took Russians months to conquer.

This article appeared in MorningPress and has been published here with permission.