Psaki Received Positive Praise After Weeks of Bad Publicity for the Biden Administration

After experiencing a series of setbacks from the Biden administration, the White House press secretary got a positive feature from the New York Times. This has interesting timing, as it was published the same day the Pentagon declared the U.S. drone attack a failure.

The New York Times article described Psaki as “straightforward”

On Friday, White House press secretary Jen Psaki was featured in a positive profile piece published by the New York Times. The article told about the press secretary’s experience and repeatedly referred to Psaki as “professional” and “straightforward.”

In the article, Michael Grynbaum of the New York Times describes Psaki as someone who is crisp and precise with her answers. This comes despite the fact, at times, Psaki does not directly respond to the questions asked by reporters.

Grynbaum added the reporters in the White House would more often describe Psaki as “professional” when it comes to interactions, an adjective that he calls “high praise” in Washington.

He also described the press secretary as “straightforward” and providing detail-dense press briefings. According to Grynbaum, this is a relief after the Trump administration where he claims most of the press secretaries would frequently denigrate, insult, and ignore journalists. 

The article published by the New York Times likewise emphasized the “cult of Psaki” that appeared as a cultural force for Democrats against Republicans. 

Grynbaum added that the “cult of Psaki” increased online. The video clips showed Psaki’s restrained exchanges with the press that created a once-odd political strategy to an unlikely cultural force.

Grynbaum: Psaki earned a “yes queen” praise from liberals

Psaki’s answers, according to Grynbaum earned a “yes queen” praise from liberals; on the other hand, Republicans mock her efforts to spin answers. This comes especially during the height of the issues of withdrawal from Afghanistan, COVID-19, extreme weather conditions, and other confusions, when answers are more highly scrutinized. 

One example Grynbaum highlighted was the press secretary’s response to the question posed by a reporter about Biden’s support for abortion, despite his Catholic faith. Biden’s press secretary responded by stating it is instead up to a woman to make these types of decisions with her doctor.

Psaki also called out the male reporter for never experiencing being pregnant himself. In the exchange, Psaki added that she knows the male reporter never faced these type of situations before, nor he has been pregnant.

However, for women who are facing these kinds of choices, it is a hard feat. The press secretary added that Biden believes this right should be honored.  Coincidentally, the article praising Psaki was published on the same day as Biden facing a series of political setbacks.

It should be noted the article published on Friday when the Pentagon and Biden’s Secretary of Defense acknowledged the drone strike in Kabul killed an Afghan aid worker and seven innocent children. This was a damning revelation after the president previously claimed they were able to strike an ISIS-K member.