Pro-Democrat Town Hall Meeting Saved Biden from Humiliation

CNN orchestrated Biden’s town hall meeting in the president’s favor. Only two Republicans were invited for questions, compared to seven Democrats and three non-partisan voters.

Town Hall Meeting Engineered in Biden’s Favor to Keep Him in Friendly Territory

As the town hall meeting was arranged in the liberal city of Baltimore, CNN took advantage of the location. They assembled pro-Biden people to ask questions to help Biden escape harsh reality. 

Interestingly, the first Republican was only given the floor before twenty minutes of the meeting’s closure when he asked Biden about his ignorance towards the US southern border. The pro-GOP question asked Biden why he failed to visit the border, despite so many persisting crises these days.

Similarly, the second and last Republican sought Biden’s response about the possible Chinese invasion in Taiwan and the news of Chinese hypersonic missile systems.

On the other hand, the two Independent participants pressed Biden about the rising taxation on wealthier people; one non-partisan participant schooled him for failing to convince Democrats in actualizing his economic agenda. 

Meanwhile, Democrats participants asked soft questions from the president, which helped him evade the pressure of the event. Most of them asked him too obvious questions regarding the infrastructure bill, voting rights legislation, and his educational policies.

The pro-Democrat crowd at the town hall meeting was quite obvious, considering CNN announced last week the meeting would be conducted in an “invitation-only format.”

This is not the first time CNN conducted Biden’s town hall meeting in friendly territory. In July’s meeting, only three Republicans were invited, compared to eight Democrats, and the president was asked too many friendly questions.

Biden Wants Frontline Workers Fired from Their Jobs

Meanwhile, Biden is once again in hot water, as he said even frontline workers, including police officers, should be fired for not receiving vaccines. The meeting’s moderator Anderson Cooper reminded the president almost one in every three emergency respondents in major cities are showing vaccine hesitancy.

From here, Biden replied anyone not taking their jabs should be fired and said police officers are no exception. Likewise, the president said his vaccination mandate is a last resort to tackle the pandemic.

He further claimed the vaccine mandates are working, and those opposing this mandate are politicizing the issue. The president mimicked the vaccine mandate deniers during his town hall appearance.

He said those who do not take vaccines in the name of freedom want the freedom to kill other people. It is imperative to note during his presidential campaign, Joe Biden opposed vaccine compulsion, but after coming into power, he made it mandatory.

Republicans have time and time again told Biden enacting any such mandate will backfire; people will leave jobs instead of complying with vaccination rules. To no surprise, many Americans are doing exactly this, which is triggering a great resignation crisis as well.