President Trump’s New Campaign Weapon: Videos

"President Trump Travels to PA" (public domain) by The White House

On Friday, President Trump ramped up his attacks on Joe Biden as he told the crowd that his Democratic rival is a “corrupt politician who is fully compromised.”

The President made a dramatic entrance to Florida’s rally site. Marine One circled overhead as hundreds of people cheered and took pictures. The plane landed on the side of the rally site for the President to walk out to his signature song “Proud to Be An American.”

“President Trump Travels to Pennsylvania” (public domain) by The White House

Most of Trump’s remarks were focused on attacking Biden, including reiterating his attacks on Biden’s on Hunter for his business ties in the Ukraine and China.

President Trump made his pitch in his home state

The President made his pitch to Florida, his home state in a setting of double rallies. Hundreds went to the rallies to show support for President Trump. 

In the rally, President Trump told the crowd how Joe Biden is a corrupt politician, and that he is fully compromised by the scandals that involved him and his son, Hunter Biden. 

The President further stated that China is “desperate” for Joe Biden to win with a remark saying that “if Biden wins, China wins, and if China wins, China will own America,”

Furthermore, the President claimed that Hunter Biden’s business dealings with Ukraine and China benefitted Joe Biden, millions of dollars. 

In relation to this, President Trump said that Joe Biden “sold out American workers in every turn, shattering the lives of millions of American families” while Joe Biden’s family collected in money. He added that this is the reason why he ran for the presidency because of this kind of corruption. 

The President added that he could not sit and watch all the “horrible” trade deals that were ripping off the country all the time. 

In the rallies, the President also pictured the country’s economic recovery and emphasized how his rival would lock up the country, causing an economic depression. He told the cheering crowd at the Pensacola airport that the upcoming election will be a choice between “Trump super recovery and Biden super depression.” 

President Trump’s New Campaign Weapon: Videos

In his Florida rallies, President Trump also revealed a new campaign weapon, videos that show Joe Biden in a bad light on fracking, Medicare, Social security. As the crowds were roaring in laughter, President argued that he is the voters’ “best choice” for the upcoming years. ‘Joe works to enrich his family, and I work for the American people,’ he said.

Healthcare and Coronavirus

The President stated that Joe Biden would eliminate the second amendment, private healthcare, and abolish fracking. 

He also brought up his experience contacting coronavirus and recovering from it. The President stated that his experience made him understand coronavirus. To quote, he said, ‘We understand that we understand the disease. I understand it better than you. I had it,’

Meanwhile, President Trump claimed that Joe Biden would move the country backward on coronavirus. He said that his rival would lock up the country, and people will be back in the corners of their home. The President stated that Joe Biden would delay the vaccine, prolong the pandemic, and crush Americans. 

Florida is considered a “must-win” state for President Trump to win the presidency for a second term.

There were almost 3.1 million votes that were already submitted, most of which were from Democrats with over 1.2 million votes while Republicans cast 1 million ballots. The rest of the numbers were from other parties who do not have any affiliation. 

The President stated, “I’m old-fashioned, I guess. I like to get in line.” The President who primarily voted by mail. He is kicking off his final stretch of campaign rallies before November 3, with two in Florida on Friday and three rallies in three states: North Carolina, Ohio, and Wisconsin. On Sunday, he’ll campaign in New Hampshire, and, on Monday, he’ll be in Pennsylvania.