President Trump Signed an Executive Order to Protect Fracking

"President Trump Works at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center" (public domain) by The White House

At his final rally in Montoursville, President Trump said “We gotta win this state.” He even lauded his own record on the economy and stated that Joe Biden would create policies that will raise taxes and cost jobs.

He was also quoted saying, “Politics is a crazy world but when you have the best employment numbers in history, when you have the best unemployment numbers and when you have the best economy probably that we’ve ever had, I don’t know how the hell do you lose this election?”

In addition to this, President Trump also bragged about the Executive Order that he have signed which is intended to protect fracking, a huge industry in the state of Pennsylvania.

This order will require the government to look into the impacts of prohibiting or sharply restricting the use of hydraulic fracturing and other technologies related to this.

President Trump also slammed Joe Biden and Kamala Harris on the issues of fracking wherein he claimed that his democratic rivals wanted to end fracking. He futher added that “A vote for Biden and Harris is a vote to ban fracking ban mining and completely destroy Pennsylvania,”

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the economy took a dive and in order to save it, President Trump has pushed for the reopening of the country. In his second term, the President is also banking a strong economy and the voters are giving him good marks because of this.

The President also claimed that the country is creating an economic powerhouse and next year, will be one of the greatest years that the country has ever had.

In an attack on Joe Biden, whom he calls the “Washington Vulture” President Trump stated that “We have a super V, and that’s where we’re going unless somebody comes along and says let’s quadruple your taxes,”

The President also reiterated some of the previous charges that were thrown upon him by the Democrats and this includes how former President Barack Obama and Joe Biden had spied on his campaign. Acording to reports, the FBI ran a counterintelligence probe on President Trump’s campaign last 2016 as they try to look if Russians are trying to influence the election.

This was answered by the crowd with a roar and chanting “Lock them up”

In the state of Pennsylvania, RealClearPolitics stated that President Trump leads Joe Biden by 3.7 points. Both Presidential candidates are putting their focus on Pennsylvania with its 20 electoral votes.

Previously, Vice President Mike Pence also hosted “Make America Great Again” event last October 17 at the Reading Regional Airport.

Meanwhile, to support the Republican candidates, President Trump’s family also hosted their own campaign rallies.

First lady Melania Trump also held a rally last Saturday evening in Wapwallopen. President Trump’s daughters, Ivanka and Tiffany also hosted separate events there on Sunday. On Monday, the President is scheduled to campaign in Joe Biden’s hometown of Scranton.

In his campaign rally, the President also touched n the issue of his marriage with first lady Melania Trump as he offered a random observation. He stated that the “only good thing” that happened when he and the first lady caught the COVID-19 is that it left no question as to whether or not they are still living together.

“President Trump and the First Lady Depart JBA” (public domain) by The White House

In relation to this, the President was quoted saying, “Our great first lady tested positive [for coronavirus], well at least those rumors that we don’t live together turned out to be false.”

The is campaign schedule was then followed by two more in Keystone State last Saturday. At the rally, the President rolled out his new attack against Joe Biden as he showed someone who is dressed as “Creepy Joe Biden” trick or treating.

The individual then took off his Joe Biden mask to reveal a Kamala Harris impersonator wearing a large KAMALA 2021 mask.

Then on the screen, the words say “Know who you’re voting for. Don’t get tricked.”

This ad was then followed by President Trump’s usual anti-Biden highlights videos that he has been showing at his campaign rallies. President Trump refers to them as “an expensive video” at his third campaign schedule in Butler.