President Trump is narrowing the gap on Joe Biden’s lead

"President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump Depart for Tennessee" (public domain) by The White House

President Trump has narrowed down the gap on Joe Biden’s lead based on the new polls.

According to the Fox News national survey, which was released last Friday, the gap of Joe Biden’s lead over President Trump has narrowed down to eight points compared to the previous 10 point advantage.

With just a few days from Election Day, the poll indicates that Joe Biden had dropped from the previous lead of 52-43 percent to 52-44 percent. 

Fox News also reported that since early September, the number of voters who would more likely support Biden was between 51%-53%. These numbers are a notable difference from the previous presidential race last 2016, where neither Hillary Clinton nor Donald Trump had exceeded 48%, whether in the pre-election surveys or the final election results. 

The Democratic pollster, Chris Anderson, who carried out the survey with Republican Daron Shaw, told Fox News that “Biden is holding a substantial lead nationally, many votes are already cast, and few undecideds.”

He further stated that it is hard to see how the national race is shifting in the few days before election day. However, this does not mean to say that it will be impossible for President Trump to win the Presidential race again and thread the needle on an Electoral College victory. 

According to the polls, President Trump is a popular choice among voters who cast their votes in person. 

The polls had also shown that President Trumps is a preferred candidate among rural voters with +18 points, white men at +17 points, and white evangelical Christians at +50 points. 

To give you a rundown of some nationwide polling trackers, the following are what showed up last Thursday morning:

  • The national polling average of NBC news had shown that Joe Biden is up with just 8 points over Trump with 51%-42.7%. These numbers are down by 1 point since last week.
  • The general election polling average of RealClearPolitics had shown a 7.5 point lead over Trump, compared to the 9.2 point lead seven days ago. 
  • The national polling tracker of FiveThirtyEight has given Joe Biden a 9.9 point advantage, which, although higher than the above-named polls, is still 0.4% lower than where Biden stood a week earlier. 

These narrowing numbers offer a sign of encouragement for President Trump, who has been running behind Joe Biden in polls and favorability rainings. With just a few days left until the election, this narrowing lead may also suggest that there is a high likelihood that the President will secure yet another term of office. 

Joe Biden, however, is undoubtedly gaining more popular votes compared to President Trump. Although this might be the case, it should be remembered that the presidency is not secured by popular vote.

This situation happened in the last election of 2016, wherein Hillary Clinton won over 2 Million votes compared to President Trump. Yet, she still lost the election after a series of defeats in crucial swing states, which gave the Republican nominee the majority of the Electoral College. 

Four years ago at this point in the Presidential race, Hillary Clinton sat like Joe Biden, who also has the same sizable leads in the national polls. Also, just like Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden also led Trump in a smaller margin in a few swing states which had to Clinton’s defeat. 

As of Thursday morning, the U.S. Elections Project data has shown that over 40 million Americans had already cast their votes.