Polls Suggest Strict Gun Control Doesn’t Contain Crime in America

As a wave of crime grips America, new polls suggest almost 80 percent of Americans believe stricter gun laws do not make any difference in containing crime.

In some cases, they even make crime more prevalent. Only a meager 15.6 percent of voters believe gun control laws reduce crimes.

Strict gun control laws increase retail crimes, voters believe 

According to the recent survey conducted by the Trafalgar Group, almost 47.1 percent of voters claim strict gun laws make “no difference” in reducing the frequency of prevalent retail crimes.

Likewise, over 37 percent of voters believe these laws further worsen crime. Robert Cahaly, the pollster, who is also the founder of the Trafalgar Group, indicated the latest data shows voters are against progressive, left-wing police reforms.

He noted most urban residents believe reducing policing and releasing criminals without prosecuting them is making people less safe.

Cahaly further believed, unlike rural or suburban residents, people who are living in major cities are unable to protect themselves. This is due to the prevailing wave of restricting gun access that is not letting law-abiding citizens defend themselves.

Despite the fact Democrats have championed gun control regimes, only 30.1 percent of Democrat voters said gun control laws are reducing retail crimes. However, only 9.8 percent of Independents and 7.3 percent Republicans opine along the same lines.

An earlier poll released by Quinnipiac on November 19 indicated 47 percent of voters supported gun restrictions, while 48 percent opposed such measures.

More Americans want guns in their possession amid the pandemic

The support for gun possession has increased significantly in recent years, especially amid the rising pandemic.

A November 17 poll of Gallup found 52 percent of Americans wanted stricter gun control laws, compared to 57 percent in 2020 and 64 percent in 2019 who backed this ideology.

Back then, Gallup stated Independent voters have been opposing stricter gun measures in big numbers, asserting most people dislike gun regulations when Democrats control the White House.

An Ipsos poll conducted in early December portrayed that 66 percent of voters opposed President Biden’s approach in handling firearms, compared to only 33 percent who backed the Democrat president on the matter.

The founder of the Patriot Academy program, Rick Green, who trains young conservative leaders, noted tighter gun control laws are bound to fail, as they empower criminals who will defy these laws anyway.

Likewise, he noted instead of banning guns, the government should train people in how to use these firearms, so they can better know how to defend themselves in the time of need. 

The Trafalgar survey was conducted between December 17 to 21, in which 1,076 voters of general elections participated, the biggest majority of whom identified themselves as Democrats.

According to the latest numbers, crime rates in at least 12 major cities of America have increased in 2021.