Police Defunding Champion Complained Over Lack of Security

"Defund the Police" by Taymaz Valley

A progressive politician who campaigned for police defunding slammed the police for not arresting people throwing feces in her yard.

Kshama Sawant, a Seattle City Council member, is a self-proclaimed socialist in dire need of the police these days.

Last week, Sawant sent a letter to Seattle police, in which she criticized law enforcement for not arresting a politically motivated person who has thrown feces in her yard six times.

Anti-Police Socialist Decries No Security

In her letter, Sawant complained police provided full-time surveillance to former Mayor of Seattle Jenny Durkan in the aftermath of George Floyd’s protest, but the same police are failing to arrest a criminal who is consistently harassing her.

Sawant further added she needs proper protection from the police at a time when law enforcement is completely ignoring her case. She also claimed the police said her case does not demand any serious investigations.

Sawant is facing the policing crisis which she created herself.

Currently, the Seattle Police Department is facing an unprecedented staff shortage, as an overwhelming number of officers resigned from the department after the police defunding movement supported by Sawant.

Police have released the photos of the person throwing feces in Sawant’s home and asked the public to help law enforcement in arresting the suspect.

According to the police, Sawant’s friends were watching her home when an Asian man threw multiple packages of human feces into her home.

After seeing the suspect, the family members tried to confront him, but the suspect managed to run away, per the police. However, Sawant’s friend clicked multiple photos of the suspect who looks like an Asian man of 5 feet and 4 inches.

Sawant Vows to Bring Troubling Police Officers to Justice

Now, Sawant said she would contact the Office of Police Accountability to bring negligent police officers to justice.

Over the years, Sawant led various police defunding movements in Seattle. In 2020, she even proposed to reduce the police budget by a whopping $85 million.

Likewise, Sawant also occupied the Seattle city hall alongside other protesters and demanded police defunding, coupled with the resignation of former mayor of the city Jenny Durkan.

Meanwhile, Seattle police told a local media outlet, KCPQ-TV, that the law enforcement agencies treat every case in the same manner.

The police noted it already gathered and reviewed all the evidence in Sawant’s case, adding that investigations are underway into the complaint.

Furthermore, the police asserted there is no evidence to suggest the suspect is involved in a hate crime against Sawant, but the police are still finding any new evidence which could push the case further.

In addition to that, police asked the public to contact law enforcement if they have any information about Sawant’s case.

This article appeared in Right Wing Insider and has been published here with permission.