Ph.D. Candidate Dives Headfirst Into Child Pornography!

"Anime Magazines" by Danny Choo

A Ph.D. candidate at Manchester University published a detailed academic article on the Japanese pornographic trend called “shota.”

This is when young, pre-pubescent males are depicted being involved in sexual acts in comics or animation.

Aside from leaving many wondering whether he’s completely gone off his rocker, the student, Karl Andersson, who is a Swede national, believes his “research” to have shed some well-needed light on sexual identities in Japanese media.

“Anime Magazines” by Danny Choo

The sick Japanese trend makes its way westward

What’s more, he claims his research method was none other than masturbation, which, if true, would qualify around 99% of the male population for a Ph.D. of some sort.

These disgusting comics and animations often have young boys performing sexual acts with adult females. While the trend has been popular in Japan for decades, the West was initially familiarized with its female counterpart, that being “lolicon.”

The topic was a major point of debate some years ago, with many critics claiming it to be a form of child pornography.

That led to the banning of media containing the content in countries like Canada, Australia, and even the United Kingdom, where Andersson likely performed his “research.”

The self-proclaimed researcher contends he merely wanted to understand how the other participants in the study reacted to shotacon “material,” after which he states he’d only begun reading the comics after starting his Ph.D. thesis.

Does your local child predator have a Ph.D.? Maybe not just yet.

According to the thesis, Andersson pleasured himself for three months straight, using only the Japanese renditions of the “shota” media, with there being detailed logs of his “sessions” in a diary which he published alongside his paper.

While the ages of the boys in the comics Andersson used aren’t revealed, the point that they’re “young boys” is definitely pushed across, making Andersson and those who enjoy this sort of content nothing short of your run-of-the-mill pedophile.

The only difference is that pedophiles in the US don’t get a Ph.D. for the sick and heinous acts they commit; whereas Andersson even won two film prizes for a documentary on the topic, called “Unreal Boys.”

Although he claims the media he’d masturbated to was purely part of his research, his YouTube channel paints a completely different picture; there are dozens of videos where he shows his equally deranged fans the new purchases he’s made.

The CP connoisseur is fully convinced that shota media isn’t and shouldn’t be considered child pornography, citing another Ph.D. candidate from Tokyo, who’d done similar research on the lolicon media.

The “academic” in question, Patrick W. Galbraith, believes fantasy pornographic materials depicting young men or women shouldn’t be stigmatized, claiming they offer their consumers a feeling of “oneness.”

We’ve reached a point where a grown man can write his Ph.D. thesis on child pornography and while it being drawn or animated makes it different from actual sexual abuse of minors, it definitely signals rock bottom is just around the corner.

This article appeared in The Record Daily and has been published here with permission.