Pelosi: People Dying from COVID-19 While Trump “Fiddles”

While the nation works overtime to halt COVID-19 in its entirety, there are some Democrats who would rather play politics. We’ve seen this time and time again as various left-wing celebrities and politicians use coronavirus as a means to take aim at Trump and make petty, unhelpful commentary.


Unfortunately, this type of poor behavior starts with Democrat leaders, such as House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. On Sunday, the Speaker sat down for an interview with CNN’s Jake Tapper. Both Tapper and Pelosi spent a lot of time politicizing coronavirus and attacking Trump; they chose to do this rather than focusing on underway solutions being taken by the president.

At this point, Americans should expect nothing better from either Pelosi or fake news such as CNN.

Pelosi on Trump Amidst Coronavirus

At the start of her interview with the network’s Jake Tapper, Pelosi kicked things off by faulting Trump for rising deaths engendered by COVID-19. The Speaker made no mention of increased amounts of tests or equipment being sent to hospitals.

Instead, she merely elected to accuse Trump of harboring “denial” about the virus during its inception. Furthermore, the House Speaker claimed that she “doesn’t know” what scientists are saying to the president or how he’s responding.

After Tapper accused Trump of using “several weeks” to “downplay” COVID-19 dangers, Pelosi stated that the president can’t be permitted to make more “underestimates.” Finally, the House Speaker wrapped up her thoughts by citing the need for extra tests and masks in order to get more concrete data on coronavirus’ spread.

The Latest Updates on Coronavirus

Yesterday, President Trump extended the recommended CDC guidelines throughout the month of April. This extension comes as the president and coronavirus task force continue updating Americans on the virus and measures deemed necessary to combat it.


The Speaker’s remarks are pretty consistent with the false narrative that Democrats are spinning about coronavirus. Remember, Pelosi is the same one who dishonestly claimed that she and Democrats did a “jiu-jitsu” with the coronavirus relief package to help working families. Later, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy called out the Speaker for that lie, hence informing Americans that the content of the bill remained the same since the 22nd.

Do you think Nancy Pelosi’s remarks are divisive and ultimately unhelpful in the wake of a global outbreak? What do you make of President Trump’s measures to take on COVID-19? Let us know down below!