Pelosi Angered SF Archbishop in Her Recent Statement

The recent statement made by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi angered San Francisco Archbishop; he declared that the Democrat lawmaker cannot say she is a “devout Catholic” with her pro-abortion stance. 

Archbishop Cordileone: it is hypocrisy to use abortion as an issue of “fairness” and “health” 

Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone of San Francisco slammed the House Speaker after she made a disturbing statement last week. According to Archbishop, Pelosi cannot claim that she is a devout Catholic in the same statement where she shows her support for abortion and the repeal of the Hyde Amendment. 

The archbishop then added it is hypocrisy how the lawmaker is using the matter of abortion as an issue of health and fairness.

Cordileone later asked about the lives of those children who were killed because of abortion. The San Francisco Archbishop then added that poor women should instead be given choices to support life instead of funding them to kill a child in their womb. 

Cordileone then said that those who operate pro-life clinics and who provide women with alternatives that support life are the only ones worthy to be called “devout Catholics.” This is because they give women choices on how they can keep the lives of the babies instead of killing them in their wombs.

The archbishop then mentioned how proud he is of these Catholics who fight and support pro-life clinics for women. The archbishop later said that people who push laws that kill innocent lives cannot be called “devout Catholic.”

This week, Pelosi announced her support to abolish the Hyde Amendment that prevents most abortions from being government-funded. The Hyde Amendment has been in existence for decades. However, recently the Biden administration and Democrat lawmakers are trying to abolish Hyde Amendment as they support abortion policies. 

Pelosi then supported her pro-abortion stance while at the same time calling herself a “devout Catholic”

In her statement this week, the House Speaker mentioned that she is a mother of five and she feels blessed by God to have a beautiful family. However, the self-declared “devout Catholic” stated that it is not up to her to tell what other women should be doing, particularly when aborting their child.

She added that it is not fair for people to tell women what to do with their bodies. The House Speaker also emphasized that abortion is a matter of “justice” and “fairness,” particularly for poor women in the country. 

On the other hand, the Bishop’s Conference in the U.S. has already called the lawmakers to keep the Hyde Amendment that prevents government funding of most abortions. The group of Catholic Bishops is also collecting signatures in relation to their pro-life policy petitions. So far, they have already earned 130,000 signatures.