Paul Ryan: Trump is Not Likely To Be Nominated During 2024 Primary

Donald Trump is not expected to receive the Republican nomination for president in 2024, according to former House Speaker Paul Ryan, a Republican from Wisconsin.

Trump Likely To Lose

Ryan, the GOP vice presidential nominee for 2012, made the remarks while speaking with Teneo, a large company that provides CEO advice, as part of the company’s “Insight Series.”

Ryan serves as Teneo’s vice chairman. Ryan predicted Trump’s un-electability would be apparent at that point.

“We all understand he will lose, or to put it another way, we all know he has a much higher chance of failing to win the presidency than any other candidate on our side of the political aisle. Why then would we choose to do that?”

In reference to Republicans, the former congressman said Trump “remains where he is” solely because “everyone is terrified of him. They fear he will pursue them and hurt their ambitions.”

Ryan anticipated that any Republican chosen to oppose Trump in the GOP primary will probably wait before announcing a run for president.

“I believe people would put off making decisions and wait for someone else to do it first to provoke Trump’s wrath and have him go after them. He’ll try to harm them with MAGA supporters so that they might then follow suit,” said Ryan.

So, Ryan added, “it’s kind of an inmate’s conundrum. It really is a complete prisoner’s dilemma because the person who enters the race first may organize sooner, recruit fans and funders earlier, and generally get a better jump on things.”

The native of Wisconsin predicted that the Republican primary in 2024 would be crowded because some party members are currently experiencing high favorability numbers.

“A small number of people will run since it is the only cycle they can run in. They must act sooner than 2028 “said Ryan. “If they’re ever intending to go, they must do so right away. They also don’t want to leave this world without having tried.”

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, along with some other Republicans, is widely viewed as a possible contender in the upcoming presidential race.

Multiple Contenders For Nomination

According to Paul Ryan, if there are far too many contenders in the Republican primary, the non-Trump vote may be diluted, leaving the former president with meager support.

However, the former House Speaker anticipated during the primary, the Republican Party would unite behind a candidate other than Trump.

Ryan said he thinks the GOP won’t pick the former president, pointing to recent polling that showed Trump performing poorly in comparison to other Republicans in a presidential race versus Democrats.

Ryan remarked, “I’m not sure if it really counts if he runs or not. He won’t get the nomination, I don’t believe.”

This article appeared in The Patriot Brief and has been published here with permission.