Obama is Trying to Save Biden from Humiliation

Former President Obama is coming to rescue Joe Biden, as Biden fails to tackle the various persisting crises created by his inefficiency.

Obama to Attend Upcoming UN Climate Summit in Scotland

Biden is relying on Obama as the former president will attend the COP26, a UN climate summit starting in Glasgow from October 31.

The summit is considered the most important meeting of the global leaders after the Paris Climate Accord of 2015, which was signed under the Obama administration. Biden, along with his cabinet, will attend the top meeting on November 1st and 2nd in Scotland.

President Biden’s dependence on Obama is not new at all. Earlier this year, the White House admitted the two of them get in touch regularly with each other on a series of issues.

Amid the declining popularity of Biden in the national polls, Obama is also involved in campaigning for Democrat gubernatorial candidates because Biden’s campaigning could backfire.

Obama is all set to campaign for Democrat Virginia gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe on October 23 in Richmond. Despite the fact Democrats won Virginia by almost a ten-point margin in the 2020 presidential election, their popularity is decreasing in the state.

The Democrat nominee is only narrowly leading over Republicans in Virginia. This forced Obama to play his role at the last moment. Biden’s dwindling popularity in the state even forced Jill Biden to campaign for the Democrat candidate.

Biden Heavily Dependent on Obama for the 2022 Midterms

Similarly, as Biden’s economic agenda stalled in Congress due to Democrats’ infighting, Obama jumped in to save him from humiliation. While giving an interview to ABC News, the former president scolded those who are against taxing billionaires.

Obama emphasized if a single mom can make a living by taxing billionaires, it is a sustainable approach. These comments of the former president indicate the inclination of Democrats towards socialism.

He defended Biden’s infrastructure agenda as well, saying making new buildings and roads is the need of the hour to battle climate change. The former president likewise attempted to defend the inclusion of the child tax credit in the social spending bill.

Obama suggested many families are seeking this measure from the current administration. It can be noted Obama championed socialist programs during his tenure, and his role to drive Biden’s presidency can set a dangerous precedent.

Fox News tried to ask the White House about the rising contribution of Obama in Biden’s presidency; however, the White House did not respond. Obama even backed Biden after his failed withdrawal from Afghanistan.


Some stakeholders believe the role of Obama is to save Democrats from a 2022 midterm loss, which seems to be a matter of time if business goes on as usual.

Many Democrats (including Democrats Congressional Campaign Committee chair Sean Patrick Maloney) warned the Biden administration if Democrats do not change their policies, they will lose the incoming elections quite easily.