Obama Hated Joe Biden From Start, New Book Reveals

Former President Barack Obama did not like his then-veep, Joe Biden, even a tiny bit. Obama was constantly enraged by the latter’s gaffes, blunders, and general behavior, according to a new book entitled “The Long Alliance.”

This subtitle describes the White House partnership between the two Democratic heavyweights as an “imperfect union.”

Obama Almost Swapped Joe for Hillary in 2012

Before rising to occupy the White House 19 months ago, Biden served for 37 years as a senator from Delaware and eight years as Obama’s vice president between 2009 and 2017.

While it’s been well-known Obama wasn’t happy with his veep’s frequent speech gaffes, he and Biden have been portrayed by the leftist mainstream media as having a warm and cordial “bromance.”

The new book by Gabriel Debenedetti, a national correspondent of New York Magazine, however, paints a very different picture. Here, Obama seemingly detested Sleepy Joe’s blunders and behavior; there often was palpable tension between the two.

The book, which is to be officially released on September 13, looks into the nearly 20 years during which Biden and his ex-boss knew one another, even before they became running mates in the 2008 presidential election.

“Shoot. Me. Now,” Obama once told an aide, as he was outraged by Biden’s actions and talk. In that particular case, it was because of the then-vice president’s “rambling,” the book claims.

When Sleepy Joe announced ahead of Obama that both of them were in favor of gay marriage, he was accused by his boss of “betrayal,” according to the book whose author interviewed numerous members of their teams.

On another occasion, author Gabriel Debenedetti reveals Sleepy Joe refused to “grovel” to the president by stating his “manhood is not negotiable.”

The book cited by The Daily Mail claims Obama had so little faith in Biden that he seriously mulled bumping him from his 2012 reelection ticket for Hillary Clinton, deeming her a more popular candidate with the voters.

When Biden clinched the 2020 nomination of the Democrat Party, Obama supported his former subordinate only reluctantly. He seemed to think the former’s bid for the White House would be “unthinkably painful.”


Biden Was ‘Borderline Offensive’ to Obama

Debenedetti reveals in his book that Biden and Obama first bumped into one another in the mid-2000s after the latter gave a speech at the 2004 Democratic Party convention.

He was immediately seen as a top presidential candidate for four years later. All the media chatter to that end seemingly annoyed then-Senator Biden, the book claims.

After Obama won a Senate seat on behalf of the state of Illinois and joined Congress in 2005, Biden allegedly viewed him with skepticism.

At the time, Biden invited Obama to a “nothing fancy” dinner so they could get to know each other. However, the new senator wanted a “fancier” place. Sleepy Joe found that to be an expression of arrogance and presumptuousness, the book claims.

The two ended up with no dinner scheduled and on a “sour and uncomfortable note,” according to the author.

At the same time, Obama also had a bad impression of his future veep, seeing him as “old school.” He thought his gesture to invite him to dinner was “condescending” or even “borderline offensive,” as the book puts it.

Eventually, Obama and Biden did get to work together as senators, their first joint project being on the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee.

At the time, Obama described Biden as someone who could “talk and talk” to an “incredible” amount, a comment he made to his advisor at the time, David Axelrod.

Sleepy Joe particularly strained their relationship at beginning of 2007 when he told The New York Observer in an interview that Obama was the “first mainstream African American” to be “articulate, bright, clean, and nice-looking.”

This article appeared in MorningPress and has been published here with permission.