NYC Rep. Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez Prolongs the “Woke” Narrative

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Despite the fact murder rates in NYC have practically remained the same compared to last year, reports from the NYPD show major spikes in other violent and non-violent crimes in the city.

New Yorkers are fed up.

The infamous AOC has been among the most vocal “woke” politicians pushing the “Defund The Police” agenda, including the departments in her own district.

This is feeding further into former Mayor Bill De Blasio’s proposals at slashing the police force’s budget by well over $1 billion back in 2020.

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Statistics show crime rate spikes where “Defund the Police” agenda was prominent

Regardless of how “progressive” this move may seem to just about any left-leaning American, the fact still remains that public safety costs a considerable amount of money.

Now that crime is allowed to prosper in NYC, it’s perfectly reasonable that its residents are concerned for their wellbeing.

A spokesman for the National Police Association, Betsy Brantner Smith, spoke up on the matter, stating with insufficient funding, a city’s detective bureau will have a hard time investigating and clearing serious crimes.

Furthermore, she added the left’s idea of the police terrorizing minority communities is no more than a myth, especially given the number of officers on New York’s police force that belong to some of these minority groups.

What’s more, AOC can always be sure her safety’s never in jeopardy; whereas the rest of the people in her district are forced to live in fear if the one line between them and violent crime is defunded.

Defunding is working against the cause

Many believe if these “woke” peddlers had to walk the same streets as the rest of us once they actually lose their funding, they’d be singing a completely different tune.

Fortunately for AOC, the race card is so easy to pull these days. She’s no stranger to using it either, as she recently tweeted any attack on “defunding” and “socialism” is racially motivated.

Additionally, statistics show before 2020 when the “Defund The Police” movement originally took off, well-funded police departments were performing significantly better when it came to tackling crime and maintaining safety in their communities.

Former NYPD inspector Paul Mauro also chimed in, adding while there are certainly better ways to handle the police force’s budget, cutting budget options is not one of them.

A June 2022 poll found that barely 5% of all New Yorkers are actually satisfied with how the city was handling crime. 45% believe the NYPD is doing a horrible job at protecting them from the growing number of burglaries and robberies.

Moreover, 70% of those polled stated they feel less safe now than they did at the start of 2020 when there was barely any talk about removing the police force’s funding.

NYC’s Mayor Eric Adams is a strong opponent of the “woke” agenda plaguing the city, but he’s not powerful enough to fend off the congressmen and senators pushing to defund.

This article appeared in Our Patriot and has been published here with permission.