NYC Mayoral Candidate Calls Out “Misplaced Focus” on Gun Violence

Democrat New York City mayoral candidate Eric Adams declared that Democrats have “misplaced focus” on gun violence, saying that they are going about it the wrong way. 

Eric Adams: The Democrat Party is going about gun laws the wrong way

On Sunday, in an interview with CNN’s State of the Union, Adam declared that he believes the Democrat Party is going about gun laws issues the wrong way on a national level.

He also added that he wants to decrease gun violence in the city of New York. However, the Democrat Party should not only address the issues around assault rifles. They should also look at the problems created by illegal handguns. 

Adams also declared that he believes the priorities of the Democrat Party were misplaced, and what they witnessed in the last few years is “almost insulting.”

He also added that many of the U.S. presidents saw the number of crimes rates and they know that the inner cities (particularly in neighborhoods where brown, black, and poor people live) are dealing with the crisis.

The Democrat mayoral candidate also added that it is very important that local officials also focus on handguns, rather than only looking at assault rifles after they witnessed mass shootings in suburban parts of America. 

Adams explained that the number of people killed with handguns is also high. Moreover, he maintains that if local authorities do not start creating federal legislation to address this issue in cities and states, the country will never get the crisis under control. 

The Democratic mayoral candidate is not suggesting banning handguns. Instead, he wants to develop better monitoring of local illegal guns.

He said this involves looking at gun dealers where there is a real connection with the guns used in our streets. It also includes paying particular attention to “feeders” of illegal firearms.

The Democrat Mayoral candidate is against the “defund the police” movement

Eric Adams secured the Democratic mayoral candidate in New York last Tuesday. However, Adams, a former police captain, has a different view from his fellow Democrats, as he opposes the “defund the police movement.”

During his campaign trail, Adams also frequently referred to his “dual identity” that developed his platform for policing in the United States.

According to the 22-year-old police veteran, he suffered his fair share of police brutality when he was beaten at the age of 15.

In 1984, he became a police officer and rose to become a captain before leaving the post to run for the Senate in 2006. While he was in the police force, he assisted in launching a group that pushed for criminal justice reform and fought against racial profiling. 

However, he has a bold view about the BLM movement. Adams says that if black lives really matter, they cannot matter only against police brutality. They should also matter against any other violence that is tearing our communities apart.