NY Republicans Announced Impeachment Resolution against Cuomo

"New York Street Scene" (CC BY-NC 2.0) by Tim Klapdor

On Monday, Republicans in the New York State Assembly announced an impeachment resolution against Gov. Andrew Cuomo, stating that their belief that the Democratic Governor has lost “credibility and trust.” The resolution also stated that the governor has an “inability to lead” the state of New York, starting from his handling of the COVID-19 pandemic and the sexual harassment allegations thrown at him.

New York State Assembly Minority Leader and other Republicans had laid out their plan to introduce an impeachment resolution on Monday. 

Barclay said, “We’re going to introduce this resolution because we believe the time has come.” He added, “In order to lead this great state as governor, you need to have credibility and trust … and unfortunately, we feel the governor has lost that and now has an inability to lead.”

Barclay also stated that there had been one “bombshell after another.”

The NY State Assembly Minority Leader also stated, “I don’t think I’ve used the term ‘bombshell’ especially this week, any time more in my life, it has been one bombshell after another,” referring to the issues that have been thrown at Cuomo administration. 

The New York Governor has been facing multiple scandals. Starting from hiding the number of nursing home deaths up to the sexual harassment allegations against him. 

Barclay said, “We had the AG report come out saying that the governor was underreporting nursing home deaths by as much as 50%.” He added that they had that secret political meeting where Cuomo’s top aides revealed that the Cuomo administration was not reporting the real number of nursing home deaths because they were worried that the Department of Justice would start an investigation against them. The aide stated that “they were worried about the political fallout.”

The NY State Assembly Minority Leader also added that there was “the bullying and the harassing of sitting members of the state legislature.”

Then he started talking about the sexual harassment scandal that Cuomo is facing, calling them “five courageous women” as they came forward and talked about the sexual harassment and abuse that they experienced at the hands of Cuomo. 

Barclay also added that 30 members of the assembly said that the governor should resign. 

“As you heard the governor said yesterday, I’m not going to resign. If you want to get rid of me, start impeachment,” Barclay recollected Cuomo saying. “But we think now is the time to act. We think it’s time to commence impeachment.”

Barclay confirmed that Republicans “won’t be able to force a vote.” However, they stated that they would keep pounding on this issue.”

“We hope that the political pressure keeps getting greater and greater. We’re hoping by doing this. We’re going to keep reminding the majorities that it’s time for them to act,” Buckley said.

Meanwhile, Senate Majority Leader Andrea Steward-Cousins, a Democrat from New York, stated in a statement that the allegations against Cuomo are “drawing away from the business of government.”

Steward-Cousins said, “New York is still in the midst of the pandemic and is still facing the societal, health, and economic impacts of it [the virus]. We need to govern without daily distraction. For the good of the state, Governor Cuomo must resign.”

The Associated Press reported, citing an unnamed source, that Cuomo had a short conversation over the phone with Stewart-Cousins and told her that he would not resign and that if they want him out of office, they should impeach him.

Since the Stewart-Cousins statement, more lawmakers from New York stepped forward, calling Cuomo to resign.

According to the latest tally from Fox News, there were already a total of 37 lawmakers from the New York state who have stepped forward and calling Cuomo to resign. Meanwhile, 10 lawmakers have called for impeachment.