NYC Mayor Announced a “Pre-Emptive Strike” Against Citizens

New York City’s Mayor Bill de Blasio introduced sweeping measures and announced a vaccine mandate which aims to curb the omicron virus in the city. Meanwhile, he called the measure a “pre-emptive strike” against New Yorkers, which will be effective from December 27 going forward.

New York City Mayor Imposed a Vaccine Mandate for Private Businesses

Speaking to MSNBC, the mayor said omicron seems to be a highly transmissible virus, so it must be stopped using the vaccine mandate.

While a mandate was already enforced in New York for city workers, and for customers of indoor dining, this new mandate will increase the government’s reach significantly. It is pertinent to note here that more than 90 percent of New Yorkers have already been injected with at least one dose of vaccine.

Despite having this many people vaccinated, the mayor noted the need to expand vaccination in the city is still present. De Blasio declared the relevant authorities must do their work in vaccinating the city in its entirety.

Blasio claimed the new mandate would impact nearly 184,000 businesses citywide, noting in-person workers would have to get at least one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine by December 27, the starting date of the new compulsion.

Unlike the federal mandate, this one has given no alternate option of weekly testing of employees. The mayor noted children ages 5 to 11 are also subjected to vaccination requirements if they want to go to restaurants or any other entertainment place.

Omicron cases in New York have been increased to eight, which is alarming the authorities to take firm actions. The incumbent mayor is left with only a month in office, but he believes these mandates will not be overturned by the courts.

Republican lawmakers are ready to overturn Biden’s vaccine mandate

Meanwhile, Republican lawmakers in Washington are fed up with Democrats’ imposed vaccine mandates, as they are moving one step closer to overturning them.  

Over 200 House Republicans have already sponsored a resolution to block Biden’s executive order regarding vaccine mandates.

After a long time, all House Republicans seem united, as 11 of them voted to impeach former President Trump and 13 helped Democrats in passing the infrastructure legislation.

However this time, all Republicans have vowed to stop Biden from imposing a vaccine mandate. The same is the case with the upper chamber of Congress, where senators are all set to vote for a resolution barring vaccine mandates.

Reportedly, Joe Manchin, a moderate Democrat senator, is likely to vote with Republicans against the vaccine mandate, which will help the Senate pass the resolution.

Joe Manchin recently noted he did not support the vaccine mandate on private businesses, which increases Republicans’ hopes they will be able to pass the resolution.

Mike Braun, a Republican senator from Indiana, wanted a Congressional Review Act of the mandate which would allow legislators to have their say against the presidential order.