NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo RESIGNS Amid Sexual Harassment Scandal

On Tuesday, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo declared his resignation which will take effect in two weeks. The announcement was made amidst the sexual harassment investigation against the Democrat governor after 11 women accused him of sexual harassment. 

New York governor Andrew Cuomo apologized for the “inappropriate” acts he did during his term in office

The New York governor commenced his press conference by apologizing; Cuomo stated that he is “deeply” sorry for the acts he did that were considered inappropriate, particularly during his term in office. 

Cuomo also mentioned how he loves New York and he loves the people of New York. However, he would never want to be in any way unhelpful. Cuomo added that given the current situation, the best help that he can give right now is to step down from office and let the New York government get back to governing the city.

However, Cuomo still denies the allegations of sexual harassment that are contained in the report of New York Attorney General Letitia James. The governor then accused the New York state investigators of bias.

Cuomo stated that the report implicating him in the sexual harassment of 11 women from 2013 up to 2020 is a violation of federal and state law. He also added that this report is evidence of a lack of fairness in our justice system. Cuomo later mentioned that it is a concern of all when there is bias and a lack of fairness in the justice system.


Cuomo said he takes full responsibility for his actions, saying there are generational shifts that failed to understand

The New York governor then added that there is a distinction between an allegation of improper conduct and assuming sexual harassment. However, Cuomo stepped back and noted that he is not saying that there are not 11 women whom he truly offended. The New York governor acknowledged that there are and for that, he deeply apologizes. 

Cuomo then acknowledged that he did make jokes and give people kisses and hugs. However, he claimed to do this for both men and women. Cuomo continued, stating that he slipped and would call people “darling, honey, and sweetheart,” but he said this to be endearing. However, women would find it offensive and dated. 

The governor then said that he takes full responsibility for his actions that made women uncomfortable, claiming that he became too familiar with people. Cuomo also claimed that his sense of humor is off-putting and can be insensitive. 

The New York Democrat governor added that he thought he doesn’t cross the boundaries with anyone. However, he failed recognize the extent to how the boundaries were differently set nowadays. The 63-year-old governor then claimed that there were cultural and generational shifts he didn’t completely understand and he should have learned about them with no excuses.