North Korea Joins China in Condemning Nancy Pelosi

China is not happy with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Earlier this month, Pelosi infuriated the Chinese Communist Party over her choice to visit Taiwan.

China believes Taiwan is not its own nation; therefore, it takes issue with anything or anyone legitimizing Taiwan as its own sovereign country, rather than merely an extension of the Chinese mainland.

Pelosi didn’t let China’s threats of shooting her plane out of the sky deter her from visiting Taiwan.

While the autocratic regime didn’t actually follow through on this threat, it did sanction Pelosi and her family, barring them from visiting, investing, or doing business in China.

Now, North Korea (of all places) is joining China in piling against Pelosi, per Washington Examiner.

The Latest From North Korea on Pelosi

In a public statement, the North Korean Foreign Ministry accused the US House Speaker of bringing so-called “destruction” to stability and international peace. North Korea then proceeded to accuse Pelosi of “stirring up confrontation” with her visit to Taiwan.

This comes from yet another dictatorial regime that’s known for its barbarity and numerous human rights abuses. Not only is North Korea displeased with Pelosi’s choice to visit Taiwan, but it’s also unhappy that she visited South Korea during her Asia trip.

Like China, North Korea is no ally of the United States. The Chinese communist regime and North Korea have far more in common with one another than they do with America.

Both regimes have also been shown to hold somewhat of an alliance with Russia, which also happens to be no friend to America.

In visiting Taiwan, the House Speaker made it clear the United States not only stands with the island nation, but also for democracy as a whole.

Pushback From the White House

In the wake of autocratic regimes sanctioning and condemning Pelosi, the White House claims that a lot of what’s happening now is “overreaction.”

However, the Biden administration also didn’t have any qualms about initially urging the House Speaker not to journey to Taiwan after China kicked up a fuss about it.

According to national security aide John Kirby, the Chinese are purposefully trying to inflame tensions via the ways in which they’re reacting to Pelosi’s visit.

Meanwhile, the House Speaker hasn’t shown much regard for North Korea’s recent condemnation or the sanctions imposed by the Chinese communist regime. Then again, throughout her career in politics, Pelosi’s maintained a pattern of standing against China.

What do you think about North Korea’s response to Pelosi visiting Taiwan and South Korea?

Do you believe these regimes are overreacting or working towards a greater master plan? In the comments area, you’re more than welcome to share your thoughts and let us know what you think happens next.

This article appeared in New Vision News and has been published here with permission.