No More Whites? The Royal Air Force Goes Woke

Leaks have shown in an effort to satisfy government-backed diversity objectives, recruiters for the Royal Air Force (RAF) have been told to hire women and members of underrepresented ethnic groups before white men.

That’s Racist

According to a report released on Saturday, recruitment agencies in the British Royal Air Force have indeed been instructed to favor hiring women and “BAME” (Black, Asian, and Minority Ethnic) applicants over white men.

This comes in order to achieve a quota system for racial and gender diversification set by the so-called Conservative Party government.

According to sources, the Air Force previously allegedly put an “effective halt” on employing white males, citing diversity objectives as having a detrimental effect on the Air Force’s operational capability.

These allegations have now received even more support, according to a Sky News story that says papers released to the network appear to support the assertions.

One document specifically said, per the news organization, that the “Recruitment Force intends to prioritize female candidates” for managing customer relationships.

According to Sky, another letter said hiring managers gave ethnic minorities priority.

It stated, “[the Recruitment Force continued to prioritize BAME applicants from the VA for CRM, while Rec Ops [recruitment management] prioritizes its placement onto BRTC [basic training program].”

According to at least one insider, the organization is purportedly doing away with suitability interviews for prospective candidates in order to increase the number of women and applicants from underrepresented groups who make it through the process.

Another source allegedly informed the station that senior executives put pressure on and directed for all female and ethnic minority applicants to receive priority consideration in the vetting of their applications.

Blatant Racism

White guys were effectively left behind in the system or given exam schedules that were after their classmates who were given priority, they added.

“No regard was to be given to their achievement, so long as they have reached the minimal criteria, they were prioritized for progress ahead.”

Even if overt prejudice in hiring procedures is purportedly prohibited in Boris Johnson’s Britain, the governing Conservative Party has done nothing to stop discrimination.

This applies even if the discrimination is for the purpose of increasing diversity in the workplace in accordance with so-called “positive action” guidelines.

The RAF seems to be able to operate under this clause, according to an insider who claimed that management saw the discriminatory practices as “positive action”

They saw it this way because the organization was “not refusing the non-prioritized applicants the ability to move through the scheme or rejecting them the opportunity for employment predicated on their protected class.”

The so-called Conservative Party also frequently endorsed this sort of “positive action,” with James Heappey, the nation’s minister for the armed forces, publicly endorsing the drive to employ more women and people of color as long as the RAF does so legally.

This article appeared in Conservative Cardinal and has been published here with permission.