NFL Great Tim Tebow Takes a Stand Against Human Trafficking Cabal

Tim Tebow made a great name for himself back when he was in the NFL. This is because he was an incredible quarterback and also because he never tried to hide his Christian faith or his openness about praying to God.

This even led to the verb “Tebow-ing” referring to a form of kneeling to honor God. Now, Tebow is retired. He has a new mission that doesn’t involve football but is all about saving lives and souls.

He’s working to end human trafficking around the world. If that sounds like a tall order; it is, but Tebow is just the man to do it.

Tebow’s New Mission

Human trafficking destroys tens of millions of lives per year, including an estimated 1.2 million children trafficked for sex and slavery worldwide every year.

Tebow wants to put a stop to that and says the Lord has “called” him to do so. This is his new mission.

Politicians have gone on about their supposed desire to stop child trafficking and human trafficking. However, they haven’t even managed to secure locus points of horrific trafficking like our southern border; so it’s good real men like Tebow are stepping up to the plate.

One of the biggest things Tebow and his team are trying to do is protect kids who have already been rescued.

As he said, many kids who manage to get away are in life-threatening danger because they are able to provide testimony against their abductors. Therefore, cartels and cabals of traffickers are looking to kill them.

As Tebow said, this “evil” must be stopped. Part of his focus is to save kids who are in danger so they can testify and put the monsters who buy and sell them behind bars for a very long time.

‘Beyond Disturbing’

As Tebow said, these “vulnerable” people and kids around the world need help. It is “beyond disturbing” the way they are treated as less than human.

Tebow is strongly supported in this mission by his wife, Demi-Leigh Tebow, who he says shares his desire to bring “faith and hope” to young kids and help them survive and thrive in their “darkest hour.”

His team is working all over the world to rescue kids in particular and save people who often may believe they are beyond hope. This man is proving in every way that he is a hero and the best embodiment of American masculinity.

In a world in which men are torn down and have fallen so low, Tebow is showing the way that men can rise up and protect the most vulnerable.

Plus, he is not doing this for recognition; he’s doing it for his faith and belief in the worth of humanity. He wants this new mission publicized to help others, not to help himself.

This article appeared in StatesmanPost and has been published here with permission.