Newsom Will Use $1.3 Billion Taxpayers Money to Fund Healthcare of Illegal Immigrants

The residents of California should prepare for a new wave of payments; Democrat California Governor Gavin Newsom just signed into law $1 billion taxpayer-funded healthcare benefits for illegal aliens.

Democrat California governor signed a bill, pushing for taxpayer-funded healthcare benefits for illegal immigrants

The Democrat governor signed into law AB 133 on Tuesday. The law will provide healthcare benefits to illegal immigrants ages 50 years and older. This new law will cost taxpayers at least $1 billion, yet the governor referred to it as a “major milestone”. 

It can be noted that this is not the first time that the Democrat governor pushed for a law that uses taxpayers’ money to fund illegal aliens. Last year, SB-104 was also signed into law. The said law expanded the Medi-Cal benefits to citizens of California ages 19-25, regardless of their status of immigration. 

The bill that Newsom signed made California the first state in the U.S. to use taxpayers’ money in funding healthcare benefits to illegal aliens. During his declaration of the expanded Medi-Cal bill, the California governor said that the state is investing its “surplus” to create changes that they “dreamed of”.

Newsom also added that he is referring to the expansion of the healthcare benefits that will ensure healthcare benefits of thousands of illegal and undocumented immigrants in California. The California governor also claimed that most of these undocumented immigrants were working on the frontlines during the coronavirus pandemic. 

Newsom then thanked the legislative department for their assistance in bringing the state of California closer to attaining these health care benefits. He added that the legislature also helped promote inclusive actions in making sure communities in the state rise from the pandemic stronger and healthier than they ever were. 

The new bill signed by Newsom will give elderly illegal immigrants Medi-Cal benefits. It is expected to cost California taxpayers $1.3 billion and it will take effect in May 2022. According to the recent data, there are three million illegal immigrants in California. 

Newsom is on the brink of being removed from office

Meanwhile, the Democrat California governor is currently facing a recall election. A survey revealed that there are 47% of voters in the state who want the governor out of office. If at least 50% of voters in California determine that they wanted to remove the governor from office in the recall election, a Republican candidate will more likely win and oust Newsom from his post. 


The most for recall election started in June when Newsom imposed the strictest lockdown restrictions in the country, as well as mask mandates. This is also added by the escalating homelessness dilemma and sky-high taxes in California. 

While some Californians are seeking to remove the governor from office, other residents are leaving the state. Newsom also received extreme criticism after he was seen dining in an expensive restaurant, violating his own lockdown rules.