New York’s Leftist Attorney General Has a Vendetta Against Steve Bannon

Steve Bannon is one of the key figures in the America First movement. He was the chief strategist in the Trump White House and he also helped build MAGA from the ground up.

Bannon is all about translating ideas into action. He worked hard to stand up against treasonous globalists who had wormed their way into American political life.

He also did his best to break horrific trade deals with China that left our workers stranded and betrayed.

Now, Bannon is being arrested and charged by the Biden regime’s lackeys. He was perp-walked in front of the simpering liberal media on Thursday.

What is Bannon Charged With?

Biden is charged with laundering money and conspiracy. Basically, he had a plan to raise money for building a border wall on the US-Mexico border and allegedly took some of the funds for himself.

If true, this is certainly dishonest and sleazy, but is it really the kind of thing the attorney general of New York gets involved in?

Leftist New York AG Letitia James even had Bannon walked out in front of the media in a walk of shame. He’d already surrendered himself to the state the day before, but she wanted the moments of humiliation for the big man.

Obviously, none of this is about Bannon allegedly pocketing some dollars from a crowdfunding idea. This is about purging and humiliating political enemies.

James is a Clinton lackey and a Democrat insider who has no respect for the rule of law or the US Constitution, which is why she’s heading up New York.

This Doesn’t End Well

There’s no real alternative now. Republican attorneys general need to stop walking on eggshells and get in the game, too.

If the left wants to start having political prosecutions and raiding Trump allies in the early hours of the morning on trumped-up charges, then GOP AGs are going to need to start doing the same.

Republicans can’t continue to think the “rules” or an even playing field will help and maintain our republic. The left has weaponized our courts, our law enforcement, and even our schools. 

These are not rational actors who you can sit down with and have a conversation with or talk things out calmly.

The Bottom Line

Is Bannon guilty? Maybe. Let’s see.

Meantime, let’s see GOP AGs start cracking down on every corrupt Democrat from Nebraska to Wyoming and Arizona to South Carolina and everywhere in between.

If every leftist who did something wrong was prosecuted and treated this way, we’d live in a much different country.

Let’s work to create that different country and stop allowing the left to bully and manhandle anyone they like, just because they enjoy the humiliation and power.

This article appeared in Mainstpress and has been published here with permission.