New Wave of Illegal Migrants Coming to America Again

A new caravan, majorly consisting of migrants from Central American nations and Haiti, is on its way towards the US southern border.

This is raising concerns about the outbreak of the newly found COVID strain, Omicron. The said caravan left Chiapas, a state in southern Mexico, on Friday.

Incoming migrant caravan threatens national security

Despite the fact the Biden administration introduced a vaccine mandate for Americans, migrants showing up on the US border do not have to present any vaccination proof.

Not only Border Patrol agents, but the data collected from border neighboring cities also suggests hundreds of COVID-positive immigrants have been released into nearby cities.

Tom Homan, the former Immigration and Customs Enforcement official, emphasized the importance of Title 42 in the trying time of the surging pandemic. He noted this is the right time to stop people from coming to the US using Title 42.

Under this law, the administration can bar people from entering the country during a health emergency. Homan recommended the Biden administration handle the crisis as Trump did by strictly implementing Title 42.

Likewise, he noted these immigration crises pose a national security threat this time, due to the emergence of a new COVID variant.

Mexico’s broken promises encouraged caravans to team up, move to the US

Nearly 1,000 migrants, including children, began their journey. They walked from Tapachula, a city in the state of Chiapas, to a town Mapastepec, almost 60 miles away. From there, they will join other groups of migrants before moving to the United States.

The migrants have been living in Chiapas for a few months. However, the deteriorating living conditions there and the denial of the Mexican government’s pledged aid encouraged them to team up and move towards the United States.

Caravan organizers said the Mexican government promised them aid, but now they are transferring people to the other parts of the country, defying their promises.

The newly coming migrants believe they want to leave Chiapas because the Mexican government is not providing them visas as promised. Hence, for better living conditions, they have nowhere to move, except the United States.

One migrant accompanied by his family said they need to work, which is why they have decided to take this step. The United States and Mexico are already in talks to reinstate the Trump-era “Remain in Mexico” policy.

This policy will keep the immigrants seeking court hearings in the US in Mexico until their court dates.

Recently during his trip to the United States, the Mexican president pushed Biden and Congress to introduce new laws to create working opportunities for migrants.

He also noted Congress should likewise find a way to legalize the stay of already existing illegal immigrants in the United States.