New Speculations Surge About Mike Pence Running For President in 2024

While the November midterm elections are still a few months away, talk about the 2024 presidential election continues to grow.

On the GOP side, some Republicans are expressing hopes that Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis runs for office. On the Democratic side, Joe Biden’s facing increasing demands to not run for reelection as he’s pledged to do.

However, there are still many options and possibilities for the next election season. Many Americans will have no shortage of choices, especially in the primaries.

Prospective candidates on both sides are now believed to be making moves that will best position them in 2024 presidential runs.

One of the latest possible contenders to catch eyes in this regard is former Vice President Mike Pence, according to Fox News.

Growing Speculations About a Pence 2024 Run

Later this week, the former vice president is going to appear at the Iowa State Fair and the New Hampshire Institute of Politics’ “Politics and Eggs” event. These appearances will follow other stops Pence has made in both New Hampshire and Iowa.

Both of these states play vital roles in the primaries and caucuses of presidential elections. According to a source with connections to the former vice president, Pence has many allies in Iowa and New Hampshire and is more prone to make the news when he visits these states.

Pence’s time at “Politics and Eggs” and the Iowa State Fair will furthermore pose opportunities for him to suss out prospective interest in him as a presidential candidate.

On the GOP side, Americans can definitely expect to hear more about Pence in connection to the 2024 presidential election. In various interviews this year, the former vice president also hasn’t ruled out the possibility of running for the Oval Office.

The Polling Factor

In polls covering possible GOP 2024 nominees, Mike Pence has not been in the lead by any means, unlike DeSantis and others. However, this could be something the vice president is looking to change.

A Pence run in 2024 would definitely bring up various debates and controversies about the 2020 presidential race and Pence’s role in certifying votes.

The former vice president has consistently maintained that he never had the legal authority to throw out votes or refuse to certify them when the time came.

Pence has also remained active in politics by traveling across the country to endorse various Republican candidates in congressional and gubernatorial races. All in all, Americans can expect to learn more about a possible Pence presidential run over the next several months.

Do you believe Mike Pence is going to make a run for president in the 2024 election? Is this a step the former vice president should take? Please don’t hesitate to let us know where you stand in the comments area.

This article appeared in New Vision News and has been published here with permission.