New Concerns Emerge About Diane Feinstein’s Wellbeing

When lawmakers serve in the House and/or Senate, it’s critical for them to be in top-tier mental health. They’ll be making decisions, voting, and engaging in legislation that has impacts on the entire nation.

Hence, when a lawmaker struggles with mental, cognitive, or psychological problems, it can be very concerning. This is an issue that’s come up with certain legislators, such as Sen. John Fetterman and Sen. Diane Feinstein.

Feinstein’s been in office for longer than some Americans have been alive. There have been growing concerns about her well-being and fitness to serve.

However, as Fox News documented, some recent comments from the California lawmaker are taking concerns about her to higher heights.

This Doesn’t Look Good

Due to a recent health scare with shingles, Feinstein took a break from Congress for about three months. Yet since her recent return, she told the press that she “[hasn’t] been gone” and has been “working.”

When the reporter followed up with her to confirm that she meant she hasn’t, in fact, been out of Congress for a period, Feinstein said this is exactly what she meant. Later, the California Democrat also declared the media should either “know” or “not know” what they’re talking about.

It’s at this point that Feinstein abruptly ended her correspondence with the media.

Bad News

Feinstein either forgetting or not being aware that she was out of Congress after coming down with shingles is no laughing matter. In fact, if she’s misremembering this, it begs to question what else she could be misremembering.

In the past year, there have been growing calls on both sides of the aisle for Feinstein to ultimately step down from office. From the looks of things, Feinstein’s resignation would not only be in her best interests, but it would also be in the best interests of the country at large.

This article appeared in The Conservative Brief and has been published here with permission.