Netizens Mocked Fetterman as American Flags Collapsed at His Rally

Social media users were stunned to see a number of American flags collapsing as Democratic Senate candidate for Pennsylvania John Fetterman came on the stage to address the crowd.

Fetterman was campaigning for his election when strong winds knocked down at least five American flags placed behind him. Many netizens made an analogy that America can collapse the same way if Fetterman wins his election.

Multiple American Flags Blew Away on Fetterman’s Rally

On Saturday, former President Barack Obama was present on the stage with Fetterman for his midterm campaign.

When the event started, Fetterman introduced Obama, as he said Obama is completely sedition free, unlike Trump.

At this moment, all the flags behind Fetterman collapsed, but he failed to notice it. Obama is currently navigating around the United States just before the midterm elections to campaign for vulnerable liberal candidates in hotly contested seats.

Journalist Aaron Rupar shared the video clip on Twitter, which urged conservative politicians and commentators to lash out at Fetterman.

Even though all the American flags in the background of Fetterman fell down, the Democratic Senate candidate was unable to notice as he continued his speech.

Twitter users established a single clip before the midterm election summed up Fetterman’s election campaign. They suggested Fetterman’s whole election campaign was as fragile as American flags were at his stage.

Fetterman consistently struggles to campaign for midterm elections; he has been suffering from auditory processing and speech delays since facing a stroke earlier this year.

Furthermore, Donald Trump Jr. noted the visuals of American flags blowing away is a perfect metaphor for Fetterman’s campaign.

In addition to that, right-leaning journalist Ian Miles Cheong stated American flags did not like the lies of Fetterman. Similarly, one conservative actor, Nick Searcy, said even American flags knew that Fetterman is a “moron.”

Chairwoman of the Republican Party, Ronna McDaniel, argued America could collapse the same way if Democrats manage to maintain their congressional majority. 

Liberals Come in to Defend Fetterman

However, liberal netizens also pitched in to defend Fetterman once the clip went viral.

One liberal Twitter user noted all the flags blew away with strong winds, but Fetterman was standing still, which shows he is a physically fit candidate, irrespective of all the smear campaigns against him.

Fetterman competes against Republican candidate Dr. Mehmet Oz in the November 8 Senate race. Reportedly, Mehmet Oz is leading the polls by an extremely small margin, which means the Senate race still hangs in the balance.

Fetterman is one of a few Democratic candidates for whom President Biden has campaigned with himself, despite his dwindling approval ratings.

Voters are worried about Fetterman’s physical and mental health as he continues making blunders in normal conversations.

He recently claimed he supports codifying Roe. vs. Wade into law to promote abortion access, then admitted later he also celebrates the Supreme Court verdict’s to restrict abortion.

This article appeared in TheDailyBeat and has been published here with permission.