Musk Hints at Voter Fraud in Arizona AG Election

Twitter owner Elon Musk hinted he might agree with allegations about voter fraud in the 2022 attorney general election in Arizona. This was won by a ridiculously thin margin by the Democratic candidate.

Rigged AG Vote

According to the official results from the 2022 Arizona AG vote, Republican Abe Hamadeh lost by 0.01% of the votes or 280 votes. This came after both he and Democrat Kris Mayes received between 1.254 and 1.255 million votes.

A tweet by Hamadeh disclosed that registered voters, who voted on Election Day in Arizona’s AG election last year, were 15 times more likely to have voter registration issues and to see their ballot rejected, compared with mail-in voters.

To top it all off, among Election Day voters, Republicans outnumbered Democrats three to one, as the leftists tend to utilize questionable absentee voting options, The Gateway Pundit reported.

“Strange,” billionaire Elon Musk wrote in a response to the revelations by Republican Arizona AG candidate Abe Hamadeh.

The report points out there were about 8,000 ballots in the Arizona attorney general election that remained “wrongfully not counted” statewide and the votes in question were overwhelmingly cast by Republican voters.

They would have been more than enough to give the victory to the GOP candidate.


Democrats Managed to Hide Flawed Votes From Court

The report quotes further Jen Wright, a former Assistant Arizona AG, now a legal counsel in Hamadeh’s disputing of the “rigged” vote.

Wright stressed over 1,000 voters who voted in the 2018 election, 2020 election, and the 2022 primaries saw their voter registration canceled because of “erroneous government systems and procedures.”

It is noted that the election was finally decided by only 511 votes. However, after that, a “shady recount” in the state’s Pinal County discovered hundreds of votes for Hamadeh had been “wrongfully” discarded.

This reduced Mayes’s victory margin to 280 votes.

The Gateway Pundit stresses further that Arizona Governor Katie Hobbs prevented the recount results from getting revealed before Hamadeh’s case got dismissed by the courts.

Thus, Arizona Democrats practically “hid” the “flawed” results from the judge. There have been multiple reports and videos showing voting failures on Election Day in Arizona’s largest county, Maricopa.

This article appeared in Mainstpress and has been published here with permission.