Mullin: Biden Lying About the Situation in Afghanistan

Republican Representative Markwayne Mullin, a House Intelligence Committee member, maintained that Biden has “blood on his hands” after the disaster in Afghanistan. He also asserted that the Biden administration is lying to Americans.

Mullin shared details of his previous trip to Afghanistan during his interview with Fox News; he also claimed that he and others were denied land to rescue a group of Americans.

Biden administration, White House, and Pentagon all lying

Mullin claimed the Pentagon and White House were lying to the public about the situations U.S. citizens are facing in Afghanistan. He added that the Biden administration likewise lied about Americans reaching Kabul airport with purported ease while the U.S. Armed Forces were on the ground.

Mullin came back to the U.S. after a semi-secret trip to Asia to bring home U.S. citizens stranded in Afghanistan; this trip happened after Biden’s decision to withdraw U.S. troops. The GOP representative noted that the White House and State Department are not telling the truth about the reality Americans in Afghanistan are facing.

He added that he spent almost a dozen hours on the phone with the State Department while attempting in vain to land in Afghanistan. Mullin said he was not trying just to get to the war-torn region; later, he stated that there were people who were starting to call him and he wanted to help.

The Republican lawmaker likewise noted that friends of his who are in the military are receiving messages asking to help their Afghan interpreters out of the country. Mullin then noted they also started receiving phone calls from Americans who have friends or family members stuck in the country. 

Mullin attempted to bring 20 Americans out of Afghanistan and back to the U.S.

At first, Mullin, as a congressman, attempted to sponsor a flight to bring 20 Americans out of the region and back to the United States; this happened after multiple government agencies turned him down. Mullin noted that everyone kept denying the team and they eventually asked if he would go with them. 

The congressman explained that these groups of Americans are Tier 1 operators, a.k.a. special forces. They are “legit” and in comparison to them, Mullin is a “nobody,” merely a congressman. Afterward, Mullin left the United States and ended up in the Kabul International Airport for hours because his permission to land was repeatedly denied. 

Every single time the team attempted to get in, they would get rejected, Mullin said. He added that they actually went over the tower as they tried to ask permission to land. However, they were never allowed to go inside Afghanistan, Mullin revealed.

The congressman noted that this delay led to the death or disappearance of at least one U.S. citizen who he was trying to rescue.