More Americans Believe Biden Will Lose 2020 Debates

"Community Meeting at Grace Lutheran Chur" (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0) by Biden For President

The nation is watching as President Trump and Joe Biden work to defeat one another in this year’s general election.

With the Democratic National Convention and the GOP National Convention being over, the general election season is officially upon us. Since the Republicans’ held their convention, several polls have shifted in the favor of President Trump; as such, Biden has been forced to come out of his basement and into the real world.


Thus far, both Trump and Biden are scheduled to partake in three different presidential debates. The American people are eager to tune into these debates; in fact, Breitbart News confirms that more Americans believe the former vice president will lose the 2020 presidential debates.

The General Consensus on the Upcoming Trump-Biden Debates

According to a new survey from USA Today/Suffolk University, 47% of the American people are convinced that Joe Biden will lose the debates against President Trump; meanwhile, merely 41% of Americans believe that Trump will ultimately wind up losing.

When looking at partisanship, the divides on whether or not Trump or Biden will win the presidential debates are also interesting. 47% of Independents are similarly convinced that the 45th president will win; meanwhile, only 37% believe Biden will walk away with the win.

When looking at the Republican and Democrat Parties, results are heavily skewed and aligned with partisanship. 87% of the GOP is sure that President Trump will defeat Joe Biden while 79% of Democrats believe precisely the opposite.

Why the Left Fears the Upcoming Trump-Biden Debates

At this time, Trump and Biden are set to face off against one another on September 29, October 15, and October 22.

Various big-name Democrats have repeatedly pushed for the former vice president to back out of debating the president. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi argued that Biden shouldn’t “legitimize” Trump by going up against him; thus far, however, the former vice president has not attempted to weasel his way out of the debates.

Ultimately, Americans believe the left fears Trump-Biden debates simply due to the contrast between the candidates. The president is generally very direct and aggressive in debates; meanwhile, Joe Biden repeatedlty fumbles, misquotes the Declaration of Independence, stammers, and otherwise appears confused and out of it more often than not.

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