Minnesota Residents Protest Against Stay-at-Home Order

"COVID-19 Vancouver’s largest protest, Ap" (CC BY 2.0) by GoToVan

The very real consequences of coronavirus shutdowns continue to adversely impact the lives of countless Americans. As time goes on, an increasing amount of people are wondering how they will pay bills, make rent, and remain financially afloat.

Due to the current state of affairs, a rising number of demonstrations are happening in America. Folks are tired of being told to sit tight and just stay home as they lose everything.

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On Thursday, Minnesota residents took to the streets outside of Democrat Governor Tim Walz’s home to make their frustrations known, documents sources. Yesterday’s protest marks one of several that have already taken place in the state.

What to Know About Yesterday’s Minnesota Protest

Minnesotans protested on foot and in their cars. During this demonstration, participants, chanted, held signage condemning Gov. Walz, and called for the reopening of the state. Some of the protesters also spoke with members of the press, noting the personal plights they’ve endured due to shutdowns.

One man informed Breitbart News, a conservative publication, that he doesn’t have any income thanks to the Minnesota governor’s lockdown. Others present at the protest explained that $1,200 stimulus checks haven’t lasted for very long; the same applies to many savings that Minnesota residents had stashed aside before the lockdown.

Individuals in Minnesota also explained that staying home is not healthy or life-saving for them. Bartenders and other people who worked at supposedly “non-essential” businesses are also being hit hard thanks to the poor leadership of Gov. Walz.

The Lie About Staying Home

Democrat governors and mainstream media outlets continue to claim that staying home saves lives. This, of course, is a false narrative. Having tens of millions of people lose their jobs and wonder how they’re going to make it is not saving lives.


Until Democrat governors get real about what’s happening because of their lockdowns, they will continue to face protests.

What do you think about yesterday’s protests in Minnesota? Do you believe Gov. Tim Walz will listen to residents of the state? Let us know in the comments section below!