Minnesota Residents Now Under Statewide Face Mask Mandate

"Governor Tim Walz addresses the audience" (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Lorie Shaull

In the face of reported coronavirus case increases, face mask mandates continue to emerge. Political leaders on both sides of the aisle continue to issue these directives; however, the few to hold out are Republicans, like Georgia Governor Brian Kemp and South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem.


As of yesterday, Minnesota Governor Tim Walz (D) put state residents under a face mask mandate, confirms Breitbart News. Walz’s order for citizens to wear face coverings comes at a time where rising social unrest and dissent are happening in response to these mandates.

A Closer Look at Minnesota’s Statewide Order for Mandatory Face Masking

Under the Minnesota governor’s orders, the statewide face mask order goes into effect on the morning of July 25. Like many proponents of forced masking, Walz claims that having everyone “mask up” is the best way to beat COVID-19.

Orders for residents in various parts of the country to wear face masks have surged amid various reports of leaps in coronavirus cases.

However, more and more Americans are calling these reports into question; additional stories of coronavirus test kits being contaminated or giving off false positive results have brought into question the accuracy behind claims of more cases.

Despite reported increases in COVID-19 cases, there is considerably less information regarding deaths or hospitalizations from the virus. At this time, coronavirus remains mild 80% of the time and comes with a survivable rate of more than 99%.

Will the Mandate be Enforced?

Over the course of several weeks now, there is a growing trend of law enforcement plainly refusing to uphold mandatory face mask orders. Some police sheriffs believe that such orders are not legally enforceable, even when politicians emphasize that residents are “required” to cover their faces.

At this point, only time will determine whether or not the Minnesota governor’s executive order is truly enforced. Police sheriffs in Michigan, Texas, Ohio, and other areas have already come out with their own refusals to uphold mask orders.

Likewise, several leaders in Florida and other parts of America face lawsuits from individuals who view mandatory face masking as unconstitutional. Others maintain that face covering mandates infringe upon their rights and civil liberties.

Is your state or city under an executive order or ordinance for residents to wear face masks? If so, is law enforcement in your community upholding this mandate? Let us know what you think and what all is happening down below in the comments section.