Mike Pence: The “Loyal Deputy”, the Calm and Composed

"Vice President Pence Arrives in Illinois" (public domain) by The White House

Throughout the four years that the Trump-Pence tandem had served office, Vice President Mike Pence had been standing as the yin to the President’s yang.

Vice President Pence had been playing the part of a more traditional while President Trump’s approach is more unorthodox.

Vice President Pence’s character as the reserved, courteous, and religious has served as the pillar of stability in the Trump administration. Over the past four years, he had been balancing President Trump’s character and has been often described as “the loyal deputy.”

Throughout their term, the Vice President had never been seen expressing his disagreement with President Trump in public, and rumors suggest that the Vice President instead speaks smoothes things out with President Trump in private.

Vice President Mike Pence, the calm and the composed

Vice President Pence is a lawyer by training and also a former radio talk show host. He had served the Congress for 12 years before he was picked from his post by the Trump campaign to run as President Trump’s running mate. 

He also has his proven track record in politics, a good educational background, a calm demeanor.

While President Trump is more unconventional with his approach, Vice President Pence is traditional and is deeply religious.

He has also gained his credibility to the people as a traditional evangelical Christian who appealed to church-going Americans and farm-blet conservatives. 

In relation to his known persona, Vice President Pence is known as a firm anti-abortion. In fact, while he was sitting as a governor in Indiana, he signed into law some of America’s strictest restrictions on terminating pregnancies. 

The Vice President was also quoted saying, “I’m a Christian, a conservative, and a Republican, in that order,”

In addition to Trump’s and Pence’s contrasting personality, the Vice President is also known to be more restricted when it comes to being along with women other than his wife. On the other hand, President Trump, as known by many, had three wives and had many more girlfriends. 

After Trump and Pence took office, Vice President Pence let President Trump have the entire stage and let him be in the spotlight, as he toiled quietly on high ranking jobs such as engaging in significant diplomatic missions and liaising with Republicans and Congress. 

The Vice President also prepared the stage for President Trump’s policy resets during his early trips to Europe and Assia. Pence reassured the allies who were previously worried about the threats that President Trump seemed to pose. 

Up to date, one of the most profound moments that showed how calm, civil, and educated the Vice President is was when he stood against Kamala Harris in the vice presidential debate. It was a brilliant civil showdown and one of the best-handled debate. However, the sad part is such a moment is now remembered by most for the fly that landed on the Vice President’s shiny white hair. 

Throughout the four year term, the Vice President remained as the team player. He never promoted himself alone, nor ever betrayed difference with the President. 

However, earlier this year, before the Trump-Pence tandem was announced, there were speculations that President Trump would change his running mate and would pick someone who is more “exciting” for the voters like the UN Ambassador, Nikki Haley or Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo. Yet, in the end, the odd couple stuck with each other and walked side by side in another race to win.