Michigan Rolls Back Reopening Plan Amid COVID-19 Spikes

"Policy Talks @ the Ford School: The Detr" (CC BY-ND 2.0) by University of Michigan's Ford School

Throughout the coronavirus “pandemic,” Michigan has made headlines for the stringent measures taken to “stop the spread.”

Governor Gretchen Whitmer, for quite some time, implemented restrictions that barred Michiganders from purchasing “non-essential” products in open stores or even visiting the homes of friends and family. Only a few weeks ago did Whitmer begin to walk back certain restrictions; this decision arrived after numerous lawsuits and protests against her.


However, the Michigan governor is back to limiting the movement and work of state residents. Fox News explains that Whitmer recently ordered the shutdown of indoor bar dining amid reports of new coronavirus cases.

A Return to Shutdown Mode for Michigan?

Yesterday, the governor signed an executive order that bans most bars in the lower peninsula from serving patrons indoors. In a statement regarding this order, Whitmer alleged that Michiganders have a duty to ensure that “frontline heroes” don’t have to deal with faster spreads and returns of COVID-19.

The Michigan governor also stated that present “aggressive action” is tantamount for state schools to reopen in the fall. By her own admission, Whitmer believes that the ban of indoor dining at Michigan bars will avoid the elimination of “progress” against coronavirus.

Bars that face restrictions against indoor dining are still permitted to service Michiganders outdoors, in addition to providing delivery and takeout services.

A New Trend Across States

Several states across the country have put a pin in their reopening plans due to reports of new coronavirus cases; Michigan is the latest to roll back re-engagement, following California, Texas, and others.

This new trend of reimplementing restrictions is rubbing many Americans the wrong way. Some people believe that this is a political game being played to ultimately sway the 2020 presidential election against Trump; other Americans have claimed that numbers of coronavirus are fudged and inaccurate.

As certain states deal with new reported surges, talk about new stimulus checks from the government lingers. Democrats have encouraged the provision of more government spending, even calling for everyone to get $2,000 per month; Republicans, on the other hand, have suggested holding off on more payouts until at least the end of this month.

What do you think about the new restrictions upon Michigan bars? Do you believe Governor Whitmer will issue more constraints against the residents of her state? Let us know in the comments section below!