Mexican President Blames the Fentanyl Crisis on the US

In a direct response to the recent talks about the US military taking action against the Mexican drug cartels, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, the country’s president, made some serious threats to the figures behind these plans.

According to Obrador, the cartels are in no way involved in the consistent flow of fentanyl into the US, alluding to the idea that they’re not responsible for one of the biggest overdose-related death spikes in recent history.

Mexico’s president threatens to campaign against anyone pushing for military action aimed at drug cartels

In fact, the numbers are already laid out on the table.

Mexico’s leader is simply choosing not to look at them. It’s already a well-known fact that Mexican drug cartels made $13 billion just off of human trafficking last year, that being only a fraction of their total earnings.

There may have not even been calls for action, had four Americans not been kidnapped, only for two of them to be found dead a couple of days later.

However, instead of taking responsibility for the organized crime that can be traced directly to Mexico, Obrador went on to claim he won’t allow any foreign intervention on his territory.

He is threatening that he’s willing to interfere in the upcoming elections if that would happen.

According to him, these attacks would be a sign of disrespect to Mexico’s independence and sovereignty, almost as if he’s not aware of the damage that the US sustained because of the cartels.

It doesn’t take a lot to realize he’s just another puppet for the criminal organizations actually running Mexico. The fact he’s now attempting to mix politics in with all of this makes that clear as day.

Who’s pulling the strings on Obrador’s back?

Unfortunately, Obrador’s claims can’t really erase the devastating facts that American families have to live with every day. There have been over 100,000 drug overdose deaths in 2021 alone, more than two-thirds of which could be related to fentanyl.

While the drug is mass-produced at cartel-run factories in Mexico, the chemicals necessary for production are being shipped in from China.

Despite all the sanctions the US has imposed on them regarding the export of these chemicals, production has remained as steady as ever.

Because of this, fentanyl often finds its way into counterfeit pills that are molded to look like Xanax and OxyContin pills. The import rates have increased immensely over the last year, with the DEA seizing more than two times the amount last year than they did in 2021.

The responses to the Mexican president’s threats came almost instantly. Rep. Dan Crenshaw immediately went after his poor attempts at shielding the drug cartels, claiming he should be campaigning against them instead.

Senator Lindsey Graham stated he will be introducing laws that would help label these drug cartels as terrorist organizations. This would then allow the US to deal with them accordingly, even across the Mexican border.

He assured the US will be doing everything in its power to crack down on these criminal organizations and the security of US citizens will be protected at any cost.

This article appeared in The Record Daily and has been published here with permission.