McEnany Appeared on Hannity with More Proof of Election Fraud

"Kayleigh McEnany" (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Gage Skidmore

The White House Press Secretary appeared for the third time on Fox New’s Hannity waving three binders of affidavits that claim election fraud, as Trump was given a minor legal victory in the state of Pennsylvania.

On Thursday night, Kayleigh McEnany set forth fresh allegations of voter fraud, claiming voters were placed in separate voting systems in parts of Pennsylvania and they were sorted depending on whether they are in red or blue counties.

McEnany alleged that these separate voting systems have led to “tens of thousands of ballots” that were wrongly counted. She then waved three binders of documents which said to contain the sworn statements from GOP poll watchers.

The claims of the White House press secretary happened as the Trump campaign celebrated a small win on Thursday after a judge in Pennsylvania ruled that a small number of ballots be invalidated.

These votes relate to voters who missed the deadline to validate their IDs. Although this decision favored Trump, it will do nothing to change to 60,000 plus lead of Joe Biden in the state.

Speaking to Sean Hannity, McEnany alleged that the voting rules in Pennsylvania counties were changed depending on whether they were Republican or Democrat.

She was quoted saying, “Voting is a fundamental right, and that means there have to be uniform standards throughout the state of Pennsylvania, but what we saw here and we have the evidence to prove it is this, there was one system for Democrat counties, there was another system for Republican counties.”

“Kayleigh McEnany” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Gage Skidmore

In addition to this, McEnany also claimed that voters in Democrat counties were instructed that if their ballot were canceled, they are given a chance to “fix it” in advance. Meanwhile, voters in Republican counties will only learn that their votes were canceled after the voting deadline had been and gone.

She also added that in Democrat counties, voters would be contacted saying, “your ballot has been canceled, you need to come to fix it.”

In another allegation, McEnany also added that there were also votes with missing signatures, dates, and addresses which were counted in favor of

McEnany also added another allegation that votes missing signatures, dates, and addresses were counted in Democrat counties. She believes that in the accounting process, these ballots that do not have signatures, dates, and addresses which are required by law were included in some counties labeled as Democrats but not in those Republican counties.

The White House Press secretary claimed that these instances violate equal protection and that this would result in potentially tens of thousands of ballots that were counted improperly.

She then showed the three binders she held and claimed that they contain affidavits and filings and referred to the information as “startling.”

She also alleged that one of the testimonials claims to have seen ballots cast for Trump was switched to Biden.

McEnany then went to hit out at Pennsylvania Secretary of State Kathy Boockvar and called her an “avowed anti-Trump leftists” and claimed that Pennsylvania’s election was rigged from the start. Boockvar was known for trying to extend the deadline for people who needs to validate their IDs against state records from the previous deadline of November 9
to November 13.

The state had become a target of Trump campaign voter fraud allegations with at least 15 legal challenges filed since it was called for Joe Biden last Saturday. The 20 electoral college votes propelled him to over 270 college vote margin to victory.